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Friday, 23 May 2014

The Trial Begins: Orglow Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask

A natural, safe and organic face mask that has become a hype within days. Lets give it a try.

Orglow Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask comes in a jar thats quite and sturdy and has a classic look to it. The contents are purely in dry form which are supposed to be mixed up with a liquid for easy application.


Orglow Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask powder is mixed up with a liquid ingredient out of your kitchen cabinet, that speaks loudly of its organic nature. It does look like that a number of herbs and natural ingredients are preserved and transformed in to the form of grainy powder.

The procedure is fairly simple: A spoonful of powder is needed to dissolve in same quantity of Yoghurt, with an extra dash of Glycerine or Rose Water. In some cases Milk can substitute Yoghurt and Lemon juice can also be added. That needs to be tested though.

After applying it on face and neck. it requires about 5-10 minutes to do its job. A circular motion is recommended to take it off, without rubbing vigorously.

Personally I have somewhat dry skin that becomes very friendly with arrival of Summers. Still instead of using it with glycerine which is suggested for dry skin, I tried it with rosewater. I must say results were pretty cool apart from a slight hunchback.
For starters, I felt an instant burst of pungent smell that totally would knock any one off but I held my grounds and proceeded with caution. The mask does not usually dry up in the 5-10 minutes duration and is kind of wet when tried to take off still it is very hard to take it off because of its grainy nature. You have to be very careful not to rub very had as it can end in tomato red face. Though I felt that if it does so just splash some water on face and let it stay for a while the feeling would go in a while.

Orglow mask applied

Before applying the mask

After taking off the mask
Now the good rather best part. My skin felt really brightened that can also be seen in pictures. It did have an instant glow, I could see my pores shrunken and it was an amazing clean healthy feeling coming of it. It did kind of enhanced my pimples for a minute or two which slightly freaked me out but later they dried up and just stayed mum :)
The thing that I love about it is how it is customizable. It does not actually target a specific skin type and you can actually adjust it depending on your won needs. The oily skinned ones can add Rose Water where as the Dry ones can add Glycerine. If one thing doesn't suit you you can always switch to the other mixing ingredient. That by far is the most exciting part.
Speaking of ingredients, the product claims to be all organic but I don't see any ingredients mentioned on packaging. for me it is kinda of a downside as some people do have to go through ingredients to find out what suits them best or otherwise. Note to Orglow: Come out with the best part of the product i.e INGREDIENTS!!
Though the instant waft of pungent smell that comes out on mixing it with a liquid is evident enough for the claims of being organic. Only a natural components can issue a smell so nerve wrecking. you do have to just breath very little esp when the product is all around your nose. Well, it costs to be beautiful doesn't it?

Other than that everything else goes pretty smooth. You just have to be careful not to exceed the given time, judge the perfect ingredient to mix it with not to rub it extensively and enjoy the feeling of lovely skin afterwards.


  • Totally customizable for all skin types.
  • Makes skin smoother, glower and reduces pores.
  • Have to be applied for the shortest time 3-5 mins
  • Has natural ingredients.
  • Strong smell might be disliked by some
  • Ingredients list is not provided.

So That's all from me about Orglow Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask.
Hope you liked it.
Till next post
Cheeky Chic


  1. After reading so many reviews am so tempted to try this... the results seems great...nice review :)

  2. Nice review dear and I love the pix....Your skin is glowing after using it....xoxoxo....^_^


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