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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Wrong Went Right: Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement.

Okay! so I am here(after two days of absence in terms of posts,was busy socializing through promoting other posts..bad idea ) ,with a thorough review of pantene pro-V oil replacement (Classic Care) as promised .

Well I name it a worng went right , cuz as i mentioned in my haul I actually bought it ,mistaking it as a conditioner, and after realising ,was about to scream in disappointment when an idea struck .. y not try if it IS any good...light bulb sparked.Well it says it does good to hair,as long as it is my I tried once and twice and thrice , and .....drum rolll...was pleasently surprised..Lets see why!!
Why Oil Replacement:
Well we all know the goodness of oil, have heard,tried and tested.I for more than one reasons used multiple kind oils,barnded ,desi, fragrant ,foul smelling,and have found some which are truly food for hair. but I stil don't use them very rare than i really should ..WHY:
Reason One:Hair feel absolutely lanky while applied ,no glamour at all.As far as I know a hair oil should stay in hair for at least 2-3 hours for best going out during that time is a big NO-NO.
Reason two:We have to get them out of head ASAP to get a normal head hair.In winter where you are already hesitant to wash your hair Oiling them seems a hard nut to crack.
Reason three:Rinsing them outta your hair is like a mission impossible at times.esp for the branded ones.I have used Vaseline hair oil,Dabur amla oil ,Bajaj almond oil ,Vatika hair oil. and all of them stick to my hair like glue. You have to try more than two washes.
Reason four:Some hair oils do good but they are so stinky ,that even a perfume spary can't get the odor out even after no less than three washes.
Reason five:Even after washing and when it was ON, there is a continuous layering of oil on your forehead and if  you  already have oily skin in summer than on your whole face.Which is such a greasy and untidy look 
All in all You are completely off the grid on the day you wanna pamper your hair.But even than we CANNOT deny the good it dies to our hair : the volume,the shine ,the strength,reduction of dandruff :hair oil is a problem solver,totally un-avoidable.No wonder even the shampoo companies are bragging the oil components in their products.
But how to get rid of the problems mentioned above,Well we have the Oil replacement for that purpose.Lets see:
Reason one:When You apply Oil replacement, hair is not as lankier as when they are oily ,I won't call it a great time for  hair ,it is definitely not a super leave-in product ,but you can manage hair.They aren't sticky and messing here and there.Hair is just as it is before you wash them ,they need a wash but not as desperately as oil hair does.The product itself is not even oily,it just absorbs in hair, somewhat like when you use a hair product(hair spray,or mousse or dry gel).not bad, huh?
How it is not oil &absorbs in skin
Reason two: When I say that the hair is manageable and not a burden on your shoulder ,it means that the product can stay in your hair as long as you want to.You don't want to rinse your head at once.As it isn't oil it just gives a dry hair look.Like when your haven't shampooed for two days.
Reason three:Now, thats the best part,The product leaves your hair on washing like a smooth comb,I  tried using as less shampoo as possible,even lesser than I normally use, and voila!! it didn't only get out of my hair but also left them as if I have shampooed them with a good enough quantity.After hair got dry,It felt as if I had actually used a conditioner ,hair was smooth and shiny and in control ..:P
Reason four:It certainly has a very sweet scent to it ,just the proper kind ,not over whelming ,like another shampoo.
Reason five:As I said the product isn't oily itself ,it is just like another hair product,It doesn't leave any kind of residue or grease,after and when it was ON.So You are free to be in the crowd anywhere and they won't even know that You have an oil product ON.
Application:Like hair oils ,apply allover the hair focusing on roots and tips the most .You need to use the minimum quantity cuz it spreads well.It will give you a wet look initially but within 5 minutes the hair will be normal again.They can be combed ,Styled easily.
My Use:I have actually replaced it with my conditioner for time being.I actually hate the part where I have to wait for conditioner to stay in my hair for at least two minutes for good results.I had first decided to keep it in my shower shelf  but now it sits on my dresser so I can apply it anytime and wash my hair any other time when I want to.
Long & short term results:The product actually claims all what a hair all does,to nourish hair,to replenish aminos,and to make hair healthier,shinier, manageable and strong.Well, most of them are long term results.Which I cant't actually vouch for , but Yes, the hair looked shinier and were manageable.So far so good .
Price:It is a little pricey than a normal oil but it is going to do the goodness of oil and conditioner both thus a good catch.

Final Fact:I am actually pretty satisfied ,and delighted with my buy.I just have an inkling that,It certainly will do me good .And if it is solving  my troubles of using normal hair oils then Hell to the Yeah....Im using it till end ..
Fingers crossed.
See You Again

Cheeky chic


  1. seems like a great product... i m adding it to my wish list

    i would love if u follow

  2. im glad if this review helped u . i am already following u since ur first comment here..u doin well

  3. Hi! Can I please ask what your hair type is? Thin, thick, frizzy, etc? Hair types do differ and and so do the products they need.
    Thanks so much! :)

  4. Hi! May I please know what your hair type is? Thin, thick, frizzy, unmanageable, etc? Hair types do differ and thus do the products they need.
    Thanks so much! :)

    1. Hey, excuse me for a late reply. well my hair is partly frizzy and partly thin.

  5. Hey..i have this product since a year n i hav been applyin it as oil replacement jus 5-10 minutes before shampooing..m i doin it ryt? Coz iv read on yahoo answers that v shud apply it after hair there are no proper directions given on tthe product,can u temme d best way to use it? After/before shampooing n leave-on time? Thank you :)

    1. I didnt actually like it after shampooing because it makes hair look heavy like oils do. Just use it like a normal oil. If u like to oil ur hair before shampooing like i do then use it the same way. If u like oil to stay in ur hair 24/7,let this stay too. The reason they recommend to do it before shampoo is cuz other oils also direct to let the oil stay in hair after wash. Well, we dont do that way so u r doing it right. Btw try letting it stay for an hour or so. It was even better.


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