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Monday, 3 October 2011

Rimmel's stay Matte pressed powder in Sandstorm..Don't miss it

Hey friends!!
I am gonna tell you the most alluring face product on the go.The best I have had yet.

Know it!!
Rimmel's stay matte Pressed powder in Sandstorm 004 is a mild wheaty shade.It has a simple packaging without the utility of mirror or puff.But the goodness of the product rarely diverts your attention to these petty flaws.

Use it!!
A pressed powder is not only used to prep the face for other makeup product but its puspose goes beyond it.
 I was not only in search of a full coverage pressed powder, but also a something which I could carry on a normal day for daily look.You definitely cannot keep a stick or foundation for every second of the day.A breathable skin is definitely need of the time.Rimmel's stay Matte pressed powder was something which made everything possible.
I was first recommended this product by Sara hassan's blog almost a year ago.I happened to go to Canada the Feburary of this year and found it there at a rack .Un expectantly there was every shade available but the one that matched my skin tone that is more dusky than honeyed .Finally I found one but that was not packed and was swatched before by somebody.That was totally unacceptable but still I could n't just let it go and purchased it anyway.The good thing is I never regretted.
swatch on clear skin
I use this pressed powder usually on blank face without any primer as my daily routine.But it is also as useful when I use it over primer or to set my concealer ,be it over dark circles or anywhere on face or over foundation prone skin.It goes well for everything.The good thing is that it does not make face cakey.

It actually is very very fine stuff which makes skin very smooth to touch that you relish it for a minute or two before moving on.Moreover skin is evenly toned. That definitely goes very well if you are about to apply a bronzer or blusher over it.I would personally recommend powder blusher as I have not tried cream blusher with it yet.

One of the issue a pressed powder is supposed to resolve is the excess oil that comes on face from no where.Which to my guess is because of the pore blockage by product applied on face. Now, I wouldn't say that it doesn't let that oil to occur but it definitely makes it go away.For more than once I have just used this powder to eliminate oil from face.
It also stays intact for good time and does not crack  maintaining the smooth look.May be because it is used very minimally so can be availed for a long period.

You can see the broken bits

The only downside I had with this product is the very ordinary packaging without a mirror or puff plus the lid is not actually attached to the cake.This makes you hold a puff in one hand and somehow balance the cake and mirror with other hand.As much as this seem impossible it cost me a lot.I actually dropped the cake and it shattered into pieces..So did my heart..but As you can see from images I didn't let it go and am still using it come what may.This flaw could be avoided easily as it also makes it a difficult product to keep on the go or in the bag as you need an extra mirror.The pressed powder with attached lid n mirror come in more handy.Yet I cannot deny it is a great product...AWESOME
My guess is this shade sandstorm will go with most of the Asian skin tones if yours do not tend towards ivory shade.
Like it!!
Cuz It:
Can be used as a total face product.
Doesn't get off with time.
Reduces excess oil away for a good time.
Balances the tone of your skin.
Doesn't give you cakey look .
Preps it  for other products to be used over.
Can be used without concealer/stick/primer
Is enough product to be used for long time.
Is perfect to use over concealer/foundation to fix it
Gives very smooth skin.
Leave it!!:
The shade doesn't match your skin tone somehow.
You want it to be compact enough for travelling.
Quality *****(Top quality stuff from Rimmel)
Price:****(It cost me $7 so in Rs. it should be some 600-700)
Availability:****(only at stores with Rimmel range)
Product Claims:*****(It is what it claims)
Durability Through Time:*****(stays put for good tie)
Shades:***1/2(the website mentions only 3 shades that is not enough)

Recommendations: Don't miss it for anything...!!!
Cheeky Chic


  1. i m thnkng 2 buy one..thanx 4 review..i m thnkng 2 buy one..thanx 4 review..

  2. Thanks for sharing!!!
    I think I will give it a try. :)

  3. You are welcome . do tell how it went with you

  4. i use it in 001 shade its my no. 1 staple product, cant live without it. its available here in khi in all supermarkets like Agha's, Naheed and Imtiaz,that have Rimmel london products!
    nice review:)

  5. Yeah.cant imagine doing anything on face sans it.Too bad i dont have access to KHI stores..I guess they have amazing products we dont have here in ISB /RWP ..or may be im not that outdoorsy..:P

  6. Hello, I wear the same shade in this product! But I've been wanting to try the rimmel london stay matte LIQUID foundation.. but they aren't in the same shades as the powder..
    Do you know what shade in the liquid foundation is the most similar to this one??? It would be greatly appreciated!

  7. @ jessijayyp99 I am not a big fan of stay matte foundation.Heard its more like a tinted moisturiser.but I think Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation 303 True Nude might be a good match to this. it is purely based on a guess.Rest assured U mustnt get a foundation before swatching n trying it multiple times.

  8. hey can you tell me which one is better for dark skin tones like NC 35 skins, sand storm or transparent shade.

    1. I think you should go with transparent and try to keep a light hand using that one


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