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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Top Ten Summer products

Summer is just about to go over the edge .Lets remember what helped us get through the season ..

This is it ..bidding the sizzling summer goodbye and thanking the products which made this time as bearable as they could .
Now, I am not actually rating these products in this post as better to worse.These are the best I could find in their category .Lets have a look.
Rimmel Stay matte:This is something I am going to Name my Super Summer Essential.Making my skin toned and smooth even if that was as long as I wore it.Love YA!!see complete review HERE

  • Boots Cucumber 3 minute face mask:

I got this mask initially because it was a 3 minute mask. I hate the masks which suggest 15- 20 mins time of keeping a thick film over face. I didn't know much if three minutes from this one were gonna do any good or not . But it  suited me well .All I have to do in morning is apply it over and brush my teeth meanwhile it does its job.It leaves a light cucumber-y fragrance behind which is refreshing and lively.It cost me some Rs.200-ish.

  • Odho Cosmetics blusher in Flamingo:Well I don't actually know what I am showing through these images.As you can see.. nothing literally is left behind of it that shows how religiously it has been used. 

I was planning to do a detailed review on this one but was waiting to get a new pot for images, which obviously I havent managed to get yet(Odho Cosmetics arent that available as they used to some 6 months ago).I did get one in Cockatoo(See Review Here Which has a different texture than this ) Now this one is another of my summer essential.I use it almost daily and still it gave me more than 6 months of application .

Utterly finished
It is a adorable pink which is used very scarcely. Just blend it well on apple of my cheeks .It is not shimmery or shiny.Just powdery enough to absorb excess oil and stay intact.It sure does it magic for a lightly flushed natural look.You want a glamorous look ?do One more sweep.The good thing is that as it is used very minimally it doesnt create a mask or thick layer of product.It just sinks in to give a subtle look.
Not a very neat swatch
Didn't have enough product
Moreover those who have oily skin don't need to worry.It is not going to clog your pores and make as you have pasted a tinted lipgloss on your face. Even if you are sweating it is not going to flow and will stay put. This makes it a wonderful product in summer.Definite buy next summer.
The price tag was b/w Rs. 250-350.

  • Neutrogena The Transparent Facial Bar: 

This was my first time to use anything but Garnier or clean & clear .But I was kinda look for something which doe not only clean my face but is gentle enough.

Right from my soap dish
Well, a bar having glycerin does promises to do so.So it did.My face skin is super confusing .I call my skin "confused combination skin".One part at times will be totally dry and may be after couple of hours it'll be super oily.So glycerin bar is something which is mild enough for all of it .Keeping the oily part oil free,and the dry part moisturised enough.A summer must have.Comes in Rs. 175/-

  • Vaseline light  Refreshing moisturizer:

Who says you don't need to moisturise your skin in summer.You have to...specially your hands.This vaseline moisturizer comes right in time of need.It is light enough and supplies skin smoothness in right amount.Not making it greasy or slippery.Just as is sufficiently required.I don't remeber exatly but i guess it was b/w Rs. 400-550.
Thats what it claims

  • Clean and Clear Morning Burst Shine Control Facial Scrub:

According to me nothing gets the dirt and oil off your face like a scrub does.But finding a scrub which has all the qualities to make skin supple,Refreshed,Clean,Oil free,Non drying is a mission impossible.Yet clean & clear's does do the work to the most extent.Whom am I kidding ?Actually,it does all this work,all in one.
You can see the beads clearly through tube

Summer comes with hypothetical oil tankers filling our face pores to the fullest.This scrub knocks them off with such great smelling active beads that actually feels to me  like fun when I use it.They kind of get tinier with every finger motion you do.Now i don't use scrub every day but when I do ,it shows off.My skin looks healthy and with good amount of suppleness.I like it the best because it doesn't take off the necessary oils along with extra pints and leaves your face balanced.That takes all the points..It cost me Rs.675/-..a total winner.

  • Adidas Roll-on for Women:

Well ,Summer without deo-s is a big fall out.I have used as many as available in market.Even those which claim to be associated with popular perfume brands.They may smell awesome but many of them left stain marks where they shouldn't have,and others itched like hell.I normally do not believe in any product which finishes sweating totally Like all anti-perspirant products claim.But they could be deodorizing. this one is.It doesnt gives any itch.Stay perfume-y all is quick dry with 0% alcohol.It might not have long lasting quantity but it can stay for two months with daily usage.I bought three this summer.And am about to finish second one.So pretty fine purchase in Rs.140/-

  • Royal Mirage deo spray in NIGHT:

As much for fragrances you can never have enough.I have used very less no. of body sparys .I  have never been a great fan of them and prefer perfumes over them .Or let me confess I think men's body sprays work far better than those for women .This particular one caught my eye because this was from ROYAL MIRAGE!! that has been my one of  fav. perfume for like AAAaages.And it proved to be as promising as the real perfume.This one is in NIGHT and has all the goodness of a crystal perfume bottle, in a tin.It stays whole day.Even sometimes after you wash clothes: it is there.I loved it and am certainly gonna buy this again .It has a price tag of Rs. 220 which is pretty reasonable for 200ml.

  • FREEMAN Bare Foot softening foot soak:

Its Why I like it the most
My feet are the weakest point in my body ..They are tired I am restless.They are well rested I am at peace.Evan at sleep they are my feet over the pillow not my head.The idea of pampering them by soaking came to me when I received my my first pedicure.It was abliss and I realised that a good massager or a soak can take you to heaven.Well I dont have time enough to massage them but once in a while I give them a good soaking in this foot soak.I actually have the trio of Soak,Scrub and Lotion.but to refresh and clean tired feet I have found the soak most helpful.All you have to do is keep a bucket full and pour a dollop of this soak in,make a good lot of foam and enjoy to bliss. Costs Rs.275/-

  • Diana of London Matifying Gel makeup base:
I won't go in to much will have to go to my earlier detailed post on this one..HERE.All I can say is that though it is not that matifying as it claims to be but it certainly helps the makeup to stay intact and doesn't create a breathing barrier on skin.It is light and not at all heavy which is a 5 starrer quality to me. Cost me some Rs.900-ish ..absolute favorite .
That all to it then.Hope you liked it..Tell me about your favs this summer.
Cheeky Chic


  1. lovely was fun reading

  2. Lovely post! I'll try looking for the Boots Mask, I love putting masks on my face, they're very refreshing. I'll try to get my hands on the Atiqa Odho blush, have you tried any of their eye-shadows?

  3. @nayabloves thanks for liking it.Boots mask is like my prized possession.I haven't tried anything else from Odho's,didn't hear a lot of gr8 things abo8 them.the eye dust looked promising though.

  4. I love top ten posts. Yours was very interesting. You hitting pan with that blush shows just how good it was.

  5. @pandora's box LOLz..thanx for understanding My Carze for that blush...


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