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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My official First month...From Good to Better

Thanks Everyone for being here..I am celebrating today my First Monthsary.

It was the 5th of last month when I had exclusively posted the first post  here and kicked off  with all zeal and zest I could muster.I was excited to the last core of my body as i was doing something which was building up somewhere in my brain chambers for months.But let me say, First some days were rather disappointment ..Perhaps I was expecting a huge following but no sooner than later I realised that it takes time for everything to sink in..Looking at other blogs which exceeded 4 figures  in followership ,used to bring my spirits down ,thinking: would i ever reach that niche.When my posts arent receiving one comment in a week and there are more than 50 on others' post in a minute.Boy!! that was disheartening.But then I understood they have taken their time too.May be this was no different than what they had gone through.I have to set my goal.I have stuff ,I have words,I have thought but what I need to do is plan ..Bring the best  forward which could be most helpful to people.Helping others is helping myself.its just give and take..Give your best and leave the rest to happen.And I started working on other things ..YES!!! there were other issues.
I stil remember I was not able to take closeups ,they 'd always end up blurred,Unfocussed..If I see the first few photos I took I'd perhaps be rolling on floor laughing..I didn't know how to edit them to look better. I am actually still working on how to make them sharper and vivid. But I learnt things .I love customising.I didn't know How to customize on blog but I made efforts ..Made mistakes and corrected them. I didn't know how to put an image on side bar and how to do a watermark.I learnt how to do snippets ,how to link a post within a post and how to do the labels and over the page tabs. It was not rocket science..And I am not new to computers.Yet it took me nearly quarter of an hour to seek solution to my problems (ALL hail to GOOGLE)Thus Here I am, did manage to squeeze through things.
I stil remember the first follower& first comment,for that I am thankful to Sarah Ali from Glossicious..she added my post to her blogger community round up list.That did helped me get some people..Now,I was starting slow and steady..I need to make stuff better..Do review,posts ,tutorial,advice anything which could do good ..and what a rush that is when someone says you have helped them decide from right to wrong.Then I am obliged to Sara Haasan to post one of my review as a guest post on her site .It was too good to be true.That also boosted my morale...
Over all by the end of this first month ..I am already doing a post a day ..never missed one day as yet.Have done 32 posts so far Comprising of review,hauls and Looks.I have organised my first giveaway..I have 21 followers so far.My pages have been viewed 1895 times(Excluding my own views) til this minute from Pakistan, USA and UK consecutively  being the three top most viewership spots.and true to heart!!that is encouraging..It tells you that things can get better if u do..
I hope I'll be able to do much improved stuff in following days that will be availed by most..
With this note,Wish me luck 
Cheeky chic


  1. Hope to see more posts here :) Good luck! xx

  2. Im in the stage where im considering starting to blog I also think it's awesome. I doubt I ever will...but hey who knows?! lol anywhich way...GoodLuck!

  3. how cute! happy monthsary:)

    im following u now, would love if u follow back:)

  4. @ Madame..sure there is a lot of stuff im planning to do soon.
    @ Kiran .Way to go sweetie...there is always a first step to take
    @thanks on following u ..

  5. WHat a cute blog and post! CONGRATS!!!!!

    I just started up too! (I just did a review on Free People) Let's follow eachother! :)



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