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Friday, 30 September 2011

My First Ever giveaway..A treat to you all(CLOSED)

Check this post for Winners
Hello everyone .. It is participation Time..It is Giveaway time.

So this is the shortly awaited giveaway I mentioned in an  earlier post.
Though my first post on this blog is dated 5th of September but I had started thinking and planning this blog some days before that makes the start of the month as its birth date in my mind .Plus I am too excited to share these goodies with you people,I can hardly resist.Moreover the month of October marks my wedding anniversary.Giveaway ends on 24th Oct. which  is when I  got in to it is kinda my treat to all of u.

Okay first of all, as I had told you people  in MY HAUL POST ,that I received these goodies from Canada. and it was all my personal agenda to put these in giveaway. I am not linked or endorsed by any brand .Thus whatever is in this offer ,is bought from earned money.
Since I have stated about this giveaway, a number of people have been asking me why I cant just give it to anyone instead of organising a kinda competition and allegedly asking people to join me if they wanna win .Well,it is because I have a handful of followers from the first month ..I am really grateful to them .. and they mean a lot to me as they were already here without any intentions to win in the first place. It would be kinda bias if I just offer this to them and no one else.So the more the merrier.Yet I hope it is one of them who wins ultimately.Best of luck Ladies.
Now about the giveaway products:
I am going to tell you about them one by one . FYI These are all brand new and are my favorites.They are not even swatched so I can't give You details on their shades .But I can supply you a guess, the name and number if any.
First of all for Lips:

1. Rimmel lasting finish Lipsticks in 082 Heavenly.I can't swatch it as You can see the seal around it clearly.But I guess from the shade title it is a beautiful pink shade .
2.Collection 2000 True moisture creme in 21.Again It is a rich brown color you can see in this post.

3.This is e.l.f limited edition shimmer lip glosses kit..Cant swatch them either.coz then the novelty doesn't remain intact.but they are beautiful shades.esp the middle three ones.

So these are some Eye Products..Sealed and intact

 4.This one is is a duo eye shadow by NYC in  Island Sunset 811B.Very gorgeous shades for contour and highlight.

5.Well, this is Revlon's Lash Fantasy Total Definition Mascara.Which claims to give you 5 times more thicker lashes..Try and see.

6.And this is a marvelous Rimmel's Soft Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in Jet Black 061 (see review by me HERE).I have already been using this for a long time ..this is a sure catch.

7.And last but not the least this is a makeup 3-in-1 pouch to keep your makeup items safe n sound


  • The giveaway starts officially when it is posted online and ends on 24th October.
  • The participants need to fill the form below to enter it.
  • One participant can have more than one entries, by fulfilling the options given in the form.(let me tell you how the mechanics work ..suppose u manage to make 6 entries your name will be put up 6 times instead of one.So you'll have more chance of winning)
  • It is open Internationally.
  • You need to give your email address for me to inquire about your postal address.

So that was all.hope you like it 
Once again best of luck .
Cheeky Chic


  1. Recommendation thingy is not interesting as I could post this on my fan page and ask people to mention me instead of putting it up on the sidebar. But then I will have to wait till people participate to fill up the form....

  2. hey sehrish
    actually its not a compulsion ..its just an is basically for those people who dont run a they dont have a sidebar or fan following,they can tell those whom they know in person to participate.they can name a person .i'd confirm long after to check it.if the recommended people join: well n good ,if not it doesn't affect much.

  3. Done :)and Happy Marriage Anniversary .

  4. just joined!congratsto your giveaway!


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