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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Go Nude..Sally Hansen color comfort- lip color

Hey fellas!!this marks the start of reviewing au naturale products I have come across.
And first of all come nude lips with Sally Hansen in Sunbeam.

Know it!!

Sally Hansen was normally known to me for nail products until I started using this one. This is absolute gorgeous shade named Sunbeam. It is a light brownish shade with a lot of glossy nature to it. It is not matte ,which is a big relief as you do not need to apply any gloss over it.

Use it!!

Before getting this shade I was a little concerned as the color which peeps out of the bottom is a little darker. My first thought was it will be a pure brown shade. Thank goodness it wasn’t. Rather it stroke me like a pleasant surprise.

As I told you it is glossy, so it kind of gives your face a fresh look. Most of nude shades tend to make the face monotone. Well, it doesn’t. Each time I see myself in mirror I admire its gorgeous color.
The color stays for a good time period. And doesn’t get dull. But one thing I noticed was that after some time the lips try to soak in the lipstick. A lot of lipsticks have this glitch but with this one I found the absorbing duration a little short. It may be because of its creamy nature.. So I sort of need touch ups to stay intact. The color actually stays but the lips turn into somewhat matte-ish finish.
Though its moisturizing nature makes lips feel nourished and smooth  like you have applied some colored balm, but the effect a lipstick is supposed to give isn’t there.
I usually line and fill my lips with a nude pencil like AVON’s lip pencil in NATURAL  ,for it to stay for long time . That works fine for me. 

Even then as I love the shade ,I cant stay away from it for long. It is unavoidable..
Like it!!
It  has a gorgeous nude tone.
It is glossy and creamy.
It doesn’t dull the face.
It gives a proper coverage.
It is not very expensive(Less than $5)
Leave it !!
It absorbs /dries up after some time.
It tries to wear off shortly.
The stick might finish off sooner than you realize.
Quality:***( not much happy with it, but it works with some effort)
Price:***1/2(Even it is offered for less than $5 from some sources ,but it is used more often than required ,needs touch ups)
Durability Trough Time:***(As told doesn’t stay in place for long)
Product Claims:****(definitely a “natural beauty” and a “color comfort” shade,is “creamy”,”moisturizing”,”Shiny” but is not “long wearing”
Availability: Found it in online stores.
Recommendations: Get it only if u like the shade and are not a lip-biter like me.

That is all to it

Cheeky Chic


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