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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Silk Touch Eye Shadow Collection Review

Hey everyone I am here with review of a small but essential part of my cosmetic world ..Silk touch Eye Shadow collection.

Know it!!
I have used this palette for more than once to create eye looks.thought i should review it today after all. It is an eye shadow palette,comprising of 24 eye catching shades.with two duo applicator and a mirror inside the lid.
Use it!!
I particularly like this palette because it is compact and most importantly it has all the shades one can need at a time.From highlighter to darker shades, and monotones to neon shades. The shades at the left hand side are for all over lid application ,Day looks and for highlighting and on right side are normally used in crease or for night looks.You can do a smokey to colored block to natural eyes easily with this one.
The quality of eye shadow themselves is not over the top,I must say.But they are quite applicable and are easy to use and blend.They sometimes try to fall off the applicator so you have to jerk twice or thrice to get extra off before applying on eye.
There is also a little shimmery nature to eye shadow.especially the lighter ones. most of them are more matt-ish than shiny.
It is better to use a primer before applying lighter shades,otherwise use 2-3 swipes each.And you are good to go.
The brighter shades are a big time favorite of mine.They so easily settle and remain there for a good lot of time.
The eye shadows do not crease or fall off for a long time.I have not observed any discoloration  for up to 5 hours.
These are the swatches sequenced with palette without
any primer, directly on skin
What I didnt like about this palette was that some shadows seem to repeat themselves.It could easily pass as an 18 color eye shadow palette or may be some new colors could be added.It may be because the brownand lilac color  shades look kinda similar to me generally.You might not find this flaw if you know better to differ color shades from each other.
I personally love 2,4,5,6,7,8,11,16,17,21,23,24
Like it!!
It is compact and easy to carry.
It has complete array of shades to create different looks.
Eye shadows are blend-able and have good staying power.
It is not at all expensive.
For those who like experimenting with shades it is a bliss.
leave it!!
It is not a very high quality product.
It has some repetition in shades esp in browns.
The light color might need a primer beneath if one has dark circled eyes.
It might get a little powdery if a lot of eye shadow is applied.

Quality:***1/2(Doesn't claim much ..but is pretty practical )
Price:****(It didnt cost me much ..i guess some Rs.300-500 )
Durability Through Time:***1/2(Most of the colors stay intact for long period)
Shades:***1/2(Good mixture of shades ,but they could add or Del some shades..just saying)
Availability:****(It is a commonly available collection)
Product Claims:Not Mentioned
Recommendation:**** (I say get it .. It is a catch)
So it is all to this palette that has been a part of my makeup routine for ages .hope you like it.
Cheeky Chic

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