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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Oops I hauled it again..I make u believe u aint forgotten

Hey Friends .This is going to be my Haul of the month..I got stuff before October even started..And the good thing about this haul is ..I didnt forget you!!

Okay so this is the stuff ,my sweet and loveliest ever sisters- and mom -in -law have sent from Canada for me and my hubby .They were my on nerves for a lot of days asking me what I need and all.I told them to the best of my efforts that I practically don't need much (I AM economical ).But would they listen.They knew my obsession with eyes' and cheeks' color and nude lip shades ..So they sent me all that cosmetics plus a straightening ceramic iron ,A perfume and a sweater in PINK(so sweet of them all..LOve yaaa) there was stuff for my hubby which is mainly perfumed products. So there are going to be two parts.But wait!! it is not done yet ..I had asked them to send me some things to give away to you people, since im nearly doing my 1st mont anniversary so there is stuff for u ppl too.And that would make my 3rd post.
Let me tell You all about it.

This is men's stuff
As I told u it is mainly perfumery ..I'll tell U in detail in Post no. 2
This is all Ladies stuff
Above is what we are going to discuss right now in this post

& this is Ladies!! What I offer You
 YES!! above is the image of my first ever Giveaway..Details of which will be in Post no. 3(see Here)
Lets start with thing which came as MY STUFF..
First if all these are cosmetics.

813B Yankee Blue
Absolutely Gorgeous shades.This is the kind of royal blue I was looking out for .And my SILs knew I am in love with turqoise so they sent me this duo.see look here.See Review HERE

well ..I adore browns and nudes to the last,and this one is right b/w these two :NYC Extreme Lip Glider Lip gloss in Mulberry St Mocha (See Review HERE)  as far as it seems .I havent opened them yet.but soon I will and then I'll give you a Detailed review.For now all I can say is that this has some grains like thing inside which I can feel when press excited how is this gonna be.

I was literally gonna scream when I received this.Not only because it was the loveliest pink/coral shade ever but it was from SMASHBOX and moreover it is ideal for winter coming up..It has a brush in back compartment.cant wait to try n tell u how good it is.
See Review HERE

Again another blusher with the nudest color I had ever seen..gonna love it. See review HERE

This is an adorable Mascara from Rimmel,Claims to give a lot more curl and length.will try soon.
See Review HERE

Unlike my hubby I am not a very big fan of of fragrances.Yet how could my MIL(MUAH) not sent me one..when he is getting so many.

Lastly these are two more things..One of my SIL is hair crazy..She is always up to some new hair style.cant complain: she has adorable she sent me a straightening iron from con air ..its Ceramics and yet again claims a lot..we'll see.but thanks XOXO
And once more my MIL always concerned about me .. has sent me a lovely sweater from TOMMY HILFIGER..So kind of her.

So Friends that was all for now..Hope You liked it.If you want me to review anything soon ,tell me ..I'll sure do that.
I'll post part 2 soon and the giveaway details post sooner .Keep visiting..            

Cheeky Chic


  1. Oooh! Great presents. I especially love the smashbox blush and your sweater.Would love to see you review the blush. Thanks for the upcoming giveaway, very generous of you :)

  2. Thanks for liking..I'll do the smashbox review soon as it was the first one i opened and tried:P..U are welcome for the giveaway..will post it soon enough


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