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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Once in a blue moon :NYC City Duet eye Shadow in Yankee Blues

I am absolutely in love with blue shades so this one promised to become one of my favorites pretty soon.

This is actually part of my foreign haul post I did almost 2 month back.
Know it!!
NYC City Duet eye Shadow  in Yankee Blues (Back)
NYC City Duet eye Shadows are a line of duos named after popular New York City aspects
YANKEE BLUES (813B) consists of an adorable combo of medium turquoise and royal blue “NYC” embossed shades.
NYC City Duet eye Shadow  in Yankee Blues
  Lighter shade is directed to use on lid and the darker one is supposed to be used in crease.  

There is very small applicator along with NYC inscribed over it.
Use it!!
The shadows are a blend of pearly and matte finish. They do not have any shimmery or metallic attributes to them. Yet they are not totally matte. I would somewhat say that they have smooth texture and a satin finish.
NYC City Duet eye Shadow  in Yankee Blues Swatches
Pigmentation of both shadows is satisfactory. I did have more expectations than they proved to be. Since I have dark around-the-eye area they do show up well without a primer/shadow base but using one makes them absolutely vibrant.
NYC City Duet eye Shadow  in Yankee Blues: Swatched on eye
Right from arrow mark: With Primer
Left: without Primer
You can actually see in image above that the right side from arrow was primed before application and left side is without primer. Thus the right side is looking denser than left, which looks little sheerer.
I wasn't actually creating a look here but you can only know a shadow clearly when it is swatched on eye.
I created this look more than a month ago (See HERE for more)
Wearing NYC City Duet eye Shadow  in Yankee Blues
I did take a lot of time to decide if they were good or bad. I tried different modes of application and finally decided that they give more color when they are filled in the lid in a stippling way instead of dragging the applicator along as this way they try to go a little sheerer than usual.
Both shades are easily blended in to each other or with any other eye shadows.
NYC City Duet eye Shadow  in Yankee Blues
Showing Size
Used alone without priming they can stay for quite a long time. I did not face any creasing, shedding or even discoloration.
The case they come in is quite compact but the applicator is very very small. If it weren’t helpful to draw over crease, it would have been a total waste.
NYC City Duet eye Shadow  in Yankee Blues
I also feel that having a mirror along could be a real plus.
I think they are a good duo for vibrant neon looks. I love experimenting with them and they go very well with my brown eyes.
Like it!!
They are a gorgeous color contrast duo.
They have a good finish.
They are compact.
They last for a good time.
They do not discolor or crease.
They blend pretty well.
Leave it!!
They need to be worked on a little.
They are not greatly pigmented.
They do not come with a mirror.
The applicator along is too small to use.
Quality: **** (International brand, Good color combo, finish and texture. Pigmentation is less)
Price: **** ($ 2.99 with good amount of product)
Product Claims: ****1/2 (POPS eye out, Silky, LONG LASTING, VIBRANT, COLOR CORDINATED DUO)
Durability Through Time: ****1/2 (Stay Put for a good time)
Availability: **** (@ Drug/Cosmetics/Online Stores with NYC brand)
Shades: ***1/2 (5 duos in all.See shades. Could do more)
Recommendations:  Don’t miss such a complete look giver for anything.
So that was all.
I hope you liked the review.
See ya soon.
Cheeky Chic


  1. I had the pink and purple duo and it faded really fast with or without primer. Glad this worked out for you, though!

  2. @ Sara S. It happened with me initially too.but I found The key is to do stippling. Kinda forcing the product in skin instead of swiping it. It stays well that way..:)

  3. Amazing color!Love it!

  4. The colors are pretty, but I hate it when shadows aren't well pigmented.

  5. Beautiful pigmentation! and lovely look ;)

  6. Very pretty colors, I love NYC products!

  7. Actually pigmentation is only thing one has to work on a little..otherwise they are grrrrreat.thanks for liking.x

  8. I love your blog, it's beautiful and unique! You really inspire me to improve my own blog as I am a brand new blogger. It would be amazing if you could check it out and follow me if you have the time :)
    I'm following you, keep up your hardwork!!
    Belle xx -


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