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Sunday, 4 December 2011

NOTW:Funky Leopard Nails & Views on Sweet Touch Nail Colour

Hi fellas!!
This is my first time ever to do a successful leopard motive on nails.
I have tried it before but it would always look more disoriented each time. I was quite glad it gave me good outcome with being little more careful.
I had selected some bright shades about which I seriously wondered later ..where on earth is there a pink dotted leopard!! But I had not hoped it would be worth sharing with you. So do tell me How much I succeeded.

I selected an array of Nail polishes which are kind of new in to my non existent nail polish collection. So there was also a trial for each of them.I was quite satisfied that neither of them chipped even it stayed for a week on my nails. It may be because of the top coat which indeed is a Base Coat by Sweet Touch Cosmetics.
Sweet Touch  Nail polish - Base Coat
It dries super fast. Not only it didn't let the pigmented yellow by Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer affect stain my nails but also it saved my nails from chipping when used as top coat. though was kinda making the nail color smudge as it actually is not made for top coating but it did serve the purpose somehow.
I used two coats of Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer in Yellow. That came out quite opaque.
Golden Rose Nail Lacquer in Yellow
The leopard print dots were made by Sweet Touch nail polish in Bright Pink which is a pigmented glossy pink shade with  little carrot-y undertones.
Sweet Touch  Nail polish in Bright Pink
I bordered those dots with Sweet Touch nail polish in Dark Coffee, which has a metallic finish and is quite pigmented.
Sweet Touch  Nail polish in Dark Coffee
All in all I was glad with the performance of all nail color which were from Sweet Touch  with exception of one.
There are some more angles.

After a week it subdued from the bottom edges as my nail grew.but everything else was intact. Even the shine was definitely there.
After a week of application
I hoped you liked the look.
See ya again.
Cheeky Chic


  1. Aw, these look so neat! :) Great work!

  2. OMG! Its a TOTAL WOW!!! =)
    I love leapord prints on nails but im a super fail at it! I need to try it again!
    U have done a pro work!

  3. Oh wow that is awesome. You're truly talented.

  4. I really like how it turned out! Such pretty holiday nail look, I would say :)
    Good luck!

  5. I loved it !!!:)

  6. GRETA WORK! i would never have the time and patience to do this it looks so good though :D

  7. Love leopard nails. Great colour combo.

  8. thanks for admiring and commenting ladies!! always means a lot to me ..XOXO

  9. hey guys ho u all will also lik my blog too and i lov ur blog and ic kee it u i can learn more frm u


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