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Monday, 5 December 2011

Beauty Alert!!! Sale on Maybelline and Loreal Mascara and Eyeliner for RWP/ISB-ers

Hey everyone I just came across an amazing offer for cosmetics shoppers in Rawalpindi/ Islamabad (Pakistan)
I had just been to one of the leading shopping areas in RWP and found that Medi Plus Cosmetics and Chemists, Saddar ( Mall Road) are offering a limited number of Loreal and Maybelline Mascaras/Eyeliner pencils for half price.Any two Mascara for Rs.900/- and Any two Eye liner Pencils for Rs.700/-. Isn't it great??
The only reasons they are offering such low prices is that the paper packaging of a few products is stained/ wrinkled. Actual product is safe and sound.
Just snap this opportunity to get your favourite eye products.
See ya
Cheeky Chic


  1. OHHH!! i wish i lived there! Karachi never has such deals =/

  2. That's a great deal! I love when they sell out stuff for cheaper just because the packaging is damaged. I mean- who needs the packaging??? As long as the product is fine :)
    Good luck!

  3. @ Huma Sarah. Deals like this are There but one has to look out for them.
    @ Skinny Moonstick
    Yeah right!! packaging goes right to trash.I at times ask the counter if they have some MISHANDLED desperate of me..:P

  4. great deals! <3

    i love your blog :)

  5. I like the wand seems smaller than the previous version. Nice blog just follow.

  6. loreal voluminous mascara is my all time favorite!! you should definately try it if you have a chance!!

    nice blog by the way! love all the makeup photos!


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