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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

An Eye Shadow Enhancer:Revlon Vital Radiance Smoothing Eye Primer

Hi girls!!
Let me introduce my first eye primer/ shadow base to you. Behold!! Revlon Vital Radiance smoothing Eye Primer.

 Know them!!
Honestly speaking I had some really great pre occupations before using this product. Mainly because I seriously didn’t know if this was originally from Revlon. When I got this primer it was not actually packed in an outer case, there was no shade number and instead of Revlon there was “VITAL RADIANCE” emblazed on the lid. The primer nowhere showed any association with Revlon except a small inscription on the bottom informed that Vital Radiance is actually a division of Revlon Corp. This was not all satisfactory.
Revlon Vital Radiance Smoothing Eye Primer
This remained in my vanity box along with other things for a long time without ever being used. This is basically the reason why it took me that long to review it. It was some two weeks ago when I came across a beauty tutorial using this primer. On researching further I came to know that Vital Radiance is (was) a line by Revlon cosmetics which targeted women beyond their youth. Unfortunately due to poor publicity, lack of promotion of association with Revlon and some other reasons this line flopped badly. I also came to know that what had emerged from a  leading cosmetics brand as a revolutionary line of products for elder women ,eventually ended up being sold at Dollar Trees and Everything for a Dollar store like franchises which certainly shows how much the line had turned out to be unsuccessful. Though it was evident from each tutorial/article/blog I visited for more vital radiance products that most of the customers were actually happy with products especially when it was offered for a dollar.

Know it!!

Revlon Vital Radiance Smoothing Eye Primer comes in a transparent container with 3.1gms/.11 oz of product. It has a plastic lid inside the main lid that keeps product from running out of the container.

The lid is partly a screw cap which is really very user friendly.
Overall packaging is quite safe and stays intact if one is on the go.

Use it!!
Revlon Vital Radiance Smoothing Eye Primer
Primer shade is a whitish very light peach shade. Since I didn’t know much about eye primers and had always used a slight film of Vaseline as a base it seemed like it would only suit fair skinned section of people.  Naturally I was wrong.

Revlon Vital Radiance Smoothing Eye Primer Swatch
It is pigmented well and has a creamy texture which turns in to a matte finish when blended. It is extremely easily applied and blends perfectly with fingertip.
As I told you I was not completely satisfied with it when I got it. What I used to do was to dab the primer on eye, blend it and without any further ado put on the eye shadow. This did not give any great results. I had almost given up but after seeing some tutorials which nowhere were related to primer only I came to know the right technique to apply a primer. The only thing I needed to do was to let it sink in / dry before putting on eye shadow. This really did work for me.
Revlon Vital Radiance Smoothing Eye Primer
Applied on Half Eye lid - Closed

Revlon Vital Radiance Smoothing Eye Primer
Applied on Half Eye lid - Open
Not only the eye shadow application was smooth, the color was more vivid than ever and it did stay for very long time. These were mainly the features I was searching for.  Color stayed up for more than 8 hours without shedding or darkening. Even with matte eye shadows it kept them up bright and intact.
I applied these shadows to show you how it makes a difference. It is not an eye look just eye shadows dabbed to show you clearly. Right half, from the arrow mark, was primed with Revlon Vital Radiance Smoothing Eye Primer. You can visibly see that shade on right side is denser than left.
Revlon Vital Radiance Smoothing Eye Primer
Beneath eye shadow on right half
But..There is always a BUT with everything, a bigger or a smaller one.. So I found that though it is creamy and is blended well, it gives a matte finish which is sometimes harder to go with chalky eye shadows. Though matte shadows are applied well over it and do keep up for a good time but sometimes they get too dry which makes eyelid a little wrinkle-y. Also you have to be quick to apply and blend it. If let it stay without blending, it will thicken and won’t work out that easily
Moreover, I think the product is in way too less quantity as compared to the container which does not exactly make it a compact product.
Revlon Vital Radiance Smoothing Eye Primer-
Showing Size
Overall it is quite a good primer esp for those who love experimenting and do not want to waste an expensive products. It gives as good results as any eye shadow base could do.
LIKE it!!
It makes eye shades more vibrant.
It keeps eye shadow stay long.
It is smoothly applied and blended.
It comes in a secure packaging.
It is quite affordable
Leave it!!
It tries to get dry quite soon.
It might not be best for very matte eye shadows.
It holds lesser amount than implied.
Quality: **** (Coming from an international brand, blend-able, stays ON and gives good results)
Price: ***** (For Rs. 550/- and for GBP 3/- or USD 5/-.Sounds okay for starter priming)
Product Claims: ****1/2  (SMOOTH & EVEN application. Shadows “LAST LONG” and does not “FADE” but “CREASES” a little)
Durability Through Time: **** (Stays intact for a long time)
Availability: *** (As line discontinued a little difficult to get )
Recommendation: An excellent primer for its worth.
I hoped you liked the review.
See ya next time.
Cheeky Chic


  1. excelent review. i do not use make up very often, but i'll check for this one. thanks

  2. Great review! I've never heard of this primer myself but it just goes to show all the goodies you can find at the dollar store!:)

    Also thank you so much for your lovely comments and subscribing to my blog. It means a lot! I subbed back :)


  3. thanks u for such a helpful and detailed review =)

  4. Thanks for the review. I've had my eye on this for a while. I may think about it a little longer before purchasing it. x

  5. Never tried that primer! I've been obsessed with Urban Decay's Primer Potion, but it's pretty pricey (and I hate the MAC primer).

    I'm new to blogging, so I would love if you would stop by! I'll definitely be following your blog!


  6. Thanks for liking the review. Being inexpensive is surely one of the good qualities it offers.

  7. Thanks for this review. It helped me a lot :)


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