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Sunday, 11 December 2011

How I tend my skin this season?

Hello ladies!!
 let me share with you a daily and 10 day routine I have adopted for myself this autumn and usually do every year this season.

Autumn is usually a drying season, effects of which are not only evident by leaves but also by air around us, which is usually the major factor for drying skin. My own skin acts goes bonkers this season so I have to be real carful. I usually do not have any acne on my face which I guess is a plus point. But my t zone is always out of order. During summer if it gets oily, it is super dry in winter. So I naturally I have to treat my forehead, nose and chin area.  Dry is my body too, even my lips need real aid.
So I divide my routine to daily and 10 day regime separately for body and Face.
Daily routine:
I clean my face daily with a mild glycerin or cream based face wash like Cuticura Daily Facial Wash for Dry Skin and Himalaya Gentle Hydrating Face wash. 

  They try, as much as it can, to keep essential oils in. even then instead of rubbing on face I make lather on hands and apply it like a mousse avoiding a lot of contact with t- zone.

After every 3-4 days I switch face wash with a cream cleanser or cleansing lotion/milk. I opt for my old time Nivea Visage Cleansing Lotion or my new pick Hollywood Whitening Facial Cleanser.
 Unlike facewash I apply them directly on face, rub on all face specially T-zone that was been avoided in daily use and afterward rinse with water. This seriously helps me a lot retaining smoothness to skin.
After every 10 days I like to do a steaming session after steaming, which somehow really makes my skin supple.
 It gives a healthy glossy shine that reflects a glow. Pouring a spoon or two in steamer, and keeping two foot away from face with towel thrown over, steaming does wonder. Afterwards I never forget to splash cold water as one needs to tighten the pores once they are emptied of muck.
I moisturize my face every day right after I wash my face  with a strong moisturizer like Jergens Skin Smoothing Cellular Renewal Moisturizer which instantly leaves my facial and hand skin smooth and supple.

 I do not use that moisturizer ever again on face during whole day unless I wash my face deeply again which I rarely do and only splash water across it randomly and use a mild and light moisturizer afterwards. My choice for that is Nivea Fresh Caring Lotion. Keep in mind that moisturizing skin every other minute with a heavy moisturizer because that’s going to clog pores within days.

Then comes the Night. I use what I need for maximum results only at night. My all-time grail product is Glysolid For The Skin. This is not the Glysolid hand or glycerin cream but is the ORIGINAL GLYSOLID “FOR THE SKIN”.

 This is perfect for rough face, hands or rough areas anywhere on body even on heels. Indeed this is the only thing I use n feet all winter. This is the only product which actually directs you to use minimum quantity on skin. I usually do not use it on face daily but use it for heels, hands and elbows every night. Again like a heavy mosturiser it must not be used daily on face.
To moisturize my lips I took one and only step. That is my glossify  by bonnbell. 
It is extremely amazing and though it is a lipgloss initially in balm like pot but does great thing. Slightly tintied and glossy it replaces a lipgloss by soothing lips. See its Review Here
For body I only use body oil each time I shower. That somewhat overcomes all my problems. My choice has always been Johnsons baby oil.

 I also apply same Jergens lotion every day religiously. Repeating this as much as I need to, does not allow me to go for anything serious for after a week routine.  Since that is not my face I do not fear any break outs or white which did happened with me once.
So that was all. I hope you liked this post.
See ya next time.
Cheeky Chic


  1. very nice. thanks for all of this information :)))

  2. great! i use baby oil for my dry skin as well ;-)

  3. i simply loved ur post.i also use almost the same products

  4. I usually use olive oil or almond oil after shower..



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