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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Glossify(In Winter) by bonnebell Review

Okay Winter is approaching and everyone wants soft , lush lips ..Well I have the solution to all..Bonnebell's Glossify

.I came across this amazing product while I was in Canada this winter.The extreme winter there effects lips a lot .Within days my lips were not only cracking but there was a strange sawdust like white skin coming off.Everything i tried was literally useless.Then i found this one.I didn't have much expectations at first. but i just applied it each time i'd wash my face.It was not very flavored that was a plus for me . lightly colored gave a natural looking glossy lips. My lips were better in just some days and I'm a person who has a lip biting habit.

Product Details:It is a smooth strawberry smelling jelly,very lightly tinted in pink.It comes in a metallic round pot .It is compact and very light to carry.It has enough amount for 40 applications and it cost me one one buck...Aaaamaaazing
so that was it ..See you next time
Cheeky Chic

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