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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Spring Facial Hair Removal Tool Review

Hi ..Everyone ! Today I am going to review a marvelous breakthrough in field of Facial hair removing.
All of us are pretty much aware of Facial hair removal techniques now a days .From ordinary threading ( thread twisted to pluck hair) ,to waxing and then Laser hair removal .Where threading is quite normal Waxing on is often feared among folks for it need extreme carefulness(no doubt about that)
Well As much as I know threading a lot of Girls do it themselves for upper lips.but some of them (like me for an example) often rely on sisters or beauty saloons to this errand for us. And believe me,this really bugs me at times to go to someone for such a little something . 
But we need to get rid of our m-u-s-t-a-c-h-e-y peach fizz.A total hassle ..but  until  a few months ago when I got my hands on this unique wand like spring which claimed to be "easy thread". I actually didn't see any thread anywhere it was all spring with small holding pads on both ends.
Well it looked pretty simple to me and I had no idea how is this gonna help me remove. the only piece of instruction it gave was to twist it in an inverted U-shape,put it right above upper-lip and roll it upward by twisting the ends in an outward motion ..Pretty Simple..huh? Well, the first time I did as instructed,the result was ...NOTHING.I was quite disappointed, but I thought of trying again . Well this time my reaction was....OWWW... surprising again the hair had been yanked from the skin with a zzzzaaap  kinda sound. Actually that I was doing it entirely wrong the first time.I had to roll it outwards and I was doing it inwards.
The end of the story the hair was actually being removed.That was initially painful just like threading and waxing is for the first time,but the pain wears off with time .after some practice it feels pretty easy to do.

Directions:Like I said earlier,choose a spot over lips.Twist it in an upward U-shape and roll the springy part on your upper lips in an outward motion.The spring will move upward direction.You will feel hair removed . Keep on doing it at the spot until that feeling stops. Now you can start removing hair from other spot. and start doing the whole process there too until u find no hair plucked when rolled the spring over.
See my this updated post for real images

You can do it anytime anywhere. You don't need to face mirror all the time.Just wild guess goes right.
You don't need to ask anybody to do it for you.
You don't have to spend money every week.
It can be carried anywhere anytime.
It can be used for side burns too.
It doesn't need any electricity or power.

Some BADs:
It doesn't pluck hair right from the roots. So you have to do it every other week if you have thick growth.
It cannot be used for eye brows.

Some Don'ts:
You should keep it away from any oily substance or the grip of spring to catch hair will reduce.
Use it on absolutely dried and cleansed skin ,without  makeup,oil or water.,It is better to use it right after u showered: hair is more easier to be plucked at that time.
You have to be careful at times not to exceed the upper lip line.That comes with practice.

It is kind of new in Pakistan .I was given this as a sample.But I have come to know lately that it is available on some online websites and some shops  too . If anyone is interested I can seek for more information n tell You.It won't be much expensive either.It comes in a plastic or velvet pouch to save it from dirt and impurities.You can clean it with a cotton cloth or with dettol to sanitize after a month or two.
I really liked this tool and it is wonderful addition to beauty world.
Thats all for now
I'll see You soon with another review ..
see ya

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