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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Get “Infused with Happiness” with Stilla lip enamel Luxe Gloss

Stilla lip enamel Luxe Gloss in Infused with Happiness
An ultimate experience with a wonderful lip gloss.

Know it
Stila Luxe gloss comes in a pen like transparent tube that glimpses the shade through and through before even opening it.
Stilla lip enamel Luxe Gloss in Infused with Happiness
 The applicator is a very soft luxurious brush tip which erupts gloss when the tube is twisted anti clockwise.
Stilla lip enamel Luxe Gloss in Infused with Happiness
Brush and Tube
Use it!!
I received this product as a gift with my first purchase from cherry culture during one of their promotions. This shade was named as “orange” instead of the real name “infused with happiness”. As much as I would search online I never found a swatch since I was not aware of the actual name. All I came to know was that lip enamel luxe gloss was a superb product all in all. So since I had lacked some orangey product in my lip collection I picked it. I never knew this is about to surprise me in heaps.
The shade I got Stilla lip enamel Luxe Gloss in Infused with Happiness in is “infused with happiness".

Stilla lip enamel Luxe Gloss in Infused with Happiness
It is a very beautiful nudey peach shade that looks amazing with a daily or a formal look.
Stilla lip enamel Luxe Gloss in Infused with Happiness
On Brush tip

First of all the amount of the product was amazing. My guess was that it will be like a sample product. But it is a good amount that could last quite a while.
Then I love the applicator which is a very soft bristle brush, that makes application smooth and without any streaks. Product comes out of it once the pen is twisted. I am not a big fan of doe foot applicators for some reasons. So I adored it and am planning to keep the tube as lip brush even when gloss runs out.
The pigmentation was Oh-My –GAWD.I have somewhat pigmented lips and despite being a lip gloss and a peach one, it hid it all. There is no obvious shimmer, glitter or frost. I did not experience any stickiness rather it was an absolute smooth creaminess on lips.
Stilla lip enamel Luxe Gloss in Infused with Happiness
I loved its glossy texture that sometimes reminds me of Maybelline water shine elixir lipstick. Surprisingly gloss inside looks thicker and sticking to walls of tube but is light on application, definitely stays more and is more pigmented.
I have not yet used it over any other lipstick like I normally use lip glosses. It is giving me good results alone so far.
The downsides which I find were kind of odd. Firstly, the product sort of gets in to fine lip lines when applied. This can only be seen only if someone is really close. But to oneself it looks weird.(See below in images)
Secondly, the tube is twisted to bring out product which does not come out at once but takes 10-20 seconds to show. I impatiently twisted it for more than 5 times. After applying and capping it I found that gloss was still coming out and there was a droplet sticking to the brush tip. That might result in wasting some product if it is not used carefully. So what I do now is that I twist it and let it come out little by little. If that is lesser than I need,I give it a a twist  more to get desired amount.
Stilla lip enamel Luxe Gloss in Infused with Happiness
Though it is not that light but it seems to flow and deposit on my lower lip in form of a line. It does not leak but somehow the product at bottom of my lower lip is more than rest of the lip. You can see it in lip swatches below. May be I applied more than was necessary but what I do is that I purse my lips if I observe such an activity that seems to solve the problem.
Stilla lip enamel Luxe Gloss in Infused with Happiness
On Lips

Stila is offering this gloss in a new packaging with doe foot applicator but the product seems to be same.(See Here)
Over all I’m pretty glad to have such a brilliant addition to my vanity.
Like it!!
It is a gorgeous shade.
It is extremely glossy.
It is super pigmented.
Its brush tip is amazing.
It stays on lips for a long time.
It has a good quantity.
Leave it!!
It gets in to fine lines.
It is a little pricey.
The twisting technique seems a little doubtful.
Quality: **** (Pigmented, Glossy, Smooth  Application )
Price: ***1/2 (Priced from $10-20 from random sources)
Durability Through time: ****1/2 ( Stays intact for quite a lot)
Product Claims: *****( “Lacuered finish”, “burst of color”,”Full coverage”,”Ultra Shiny”, Intense pigmentation”)
Availability: *** (Stila doesn’t deliver worldwide, Available @other online/ drugstores)
Shades: **** ( More berry shades, less pink  and nudes)
Recommendations: A real, complete gloss and a definite buy-again

Hope you like the Review.
See Ya again.
Cheeky Chic


  1. nice shade, sound like a great lipgloss... so pretty on

  2. I have always wanted to try Stila products. It looks really pretty on you!
    Good luck!

  3. Stila glosses are too sticky for my taste... if it will be so sticky, I want full-on color~!

  4. I would probably not get it as I can see it deposits as a line. Thanks for telling that! :) xx The shade is very pretty though! <3

  5. Always a pleasure to help out. thanks for liking

  6. yum!! thanks for always stopping by my blog!! :)

    do you any website that ships worldwide and sells stila?? i have been longing to get hold of them :)

  7. @ Mystical Glam Check strawberrynet.they have some stila product. i'll let u know if i come across any other source
    thanks for liking n joining ..:)


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