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Monday, 12 December 2011

Done with Quarter of a Year!!

Hi girls!!
Today I bring a monthly update as I mark my third monthsary .

It doesn’t seem like this long since I have been blogging and I personally feel that I am still a newbie here. When something feels like that, I guess that actually it went too well that one didn’t even notice time passing. I could say this for me quite easily.
So the first big news is that there is a giveaway going on right now which was to celebrate my reaching a 100 follower in third month since I stepped in to blogging. Well, I actually have reached more than 200 now which surely is a call for another giveaway but I will halt that till I finish my first one. Who knows I might have to do a 300 followers giveaway in the end. That’d be awesome but I don’t wanna jinx it by already expecting a lot.
Anyway, I have been a little  passive since last week of November  which brought the toll for my posts in November to 24. Though this post will be the 90th post that means that I can still squeeze in to make through A Post A Day. It was majorly because I was a little too busy with searching for legit online stores that could reach me without a lot of shipping charges. Unfortunately there were 10% of were any use to me, others would either ask payment from pay pal or simply denied dispatching to Pakistan. That really bugged me but I stil placed an order on cherry culture that goes for my first international purchase and delivery. The procedure went super quick and swift so I am kinda eyeing other stores now as they are having amazing sales for Christmas.  I already have created a wish list on many stores. :)
My camera went through a tough time this month too, that was quite a downer for me as no camera meant no fine pictures. As my photography is still a nuisance, I desperately needed a camera to do all. Fortunately that wasn’t a huge hitch with cam so It sorted out pretty soon. All I needed to do was get a small storage memory card. Apparently the 16 GB card was causing some trouble.
I tweaked my blog appearance a little, put on my first affiliation from Sigma badge, and made a new favicon. That were the new things I learnt this month
The update this month is that I am a planning to start a blog sale very soon. Purchasing stuff online has made me own some shades which I normally do not use or which I already have. As I normally give away the unused products, so sale will consist of more used ones which are swatched once or twice. Initially I am going to start off with a small number of items and mainly to national level only but if it went well I can do more.
I also updated my PRpage including my skin tone & Type, My age and a few other things. I was thinking of doing that for some time now but always felt kind of useless to do so. About time I guess. 
The stats this month were quite surprising. For once I came to know that I was mostly referred to by e.l.f Pakistan Facebook page. Thanks e.l.f Pakistan for that.  Google Search stayed my second topmost views carrier where most searched for words were “E.l.f essential lipstick Charming Swatch”.  That sounds amusing. All in all another landmark I reached was that I finally bagged 10 thousands views, actually 10,541 so far. Now, that sounds like an achievement.
My first monthsary post still stays first in line of popular posts with e.l.f  essential lipsticks post second and Firstgiveaway post preceding it.
A final interesting clause is that though Pakistan topped the audience rank and U.S follows it but this time Philippines took third spot replacing U.K. and I was kind of pleasantly surprised about that. Always like a healthy competition.
So that was a successful month after all. I was feeling that may be due to some personal reasons I couldn’t devote that much attention and it might be evident but I am glad that sometimes you reap more than you sow.
I absolutely appreciate all of you for your interest and love, with every ounce of energy I have. I could be nowhere without you. I came across more than one blogs where the writer quit due to some unknown reason.  I always wonder what if it was me. I stay here because of your encouragement. And that is all what means to a writer. (Whoa!! writer sounded heavy. But I have just stated the staircase.)
I hope things go on same note further and farther.
Cheeky Chic


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