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Monday, 21 November 2011

My first International Online Order by

Hey Fellows!!
Let me share with you my experience with an online makeup store StrawberryNet and some shopping I recently have done with them.

I am really super suspicious to do online shopping esp if they dispatch from other countries. I have more than one reason to resist my inkling to get cosmetics off the web. Most importantly because it is really difficult to judge a shade/finish/quality without testing. You do have to search a legit and trustworthy review on a product. It is even better to consult more than 3 random review to know exactly what a thing is about.Then comes the price part,as much as international brands are expensive esp when converted to PKR,there always are hefty shipping charges which sometimes are almost as much as I am paying for an item.I mean,this really bugs me.It already is a mission impossible to select a product which you don't only need but are also absolutely sure that is not available locally. You have to bet your luck it lives up to your expectations as well as  have to stay within your budget. And on top of all you have to be concerned about shipping/tax/custom charges when you are already worried if the source is legit enough to use a credit card. and Last but not the least you have to wait for an items delivery that can totally piss you off at times...Boy!! Thats really a lot on nerves.
I knew some online cosmetics websites for some times now. I have even jotted up a wish list at Cherryculture,Sleek,Beauty UK and PorkDaisy. Stil I never had guts to go ahead and place an order. attracted me because of its Free Worldwide Shipping.The  more I searched online , more I came to know that this  is reviewed as pretty trustworthy site.when I saw they were offering some Christmas specials I thought "lets do it".I still had doubts so I reduced one of my bank account balance to as low as 3000/-($34) and decided to place an order under $30 through a debit card. This way even if it went wrong I wouldnt have to lose a lot of amount and would call it a learning experience.
My picks were those thing which were economical.I chose deals that usually offer  more than one product. I shortlisted some 5 of them,spent some two hours comparing : which is more beneficial/needed,searching reviews, and their price at other store. Finally I rested on two deal one by Bourjois Paris "Make her Blush" which gave me a blusher and a lipstick ,both of which,according to a reviews, were gorgeous shades and good quality.
Image Courtesy:

 Next was a set by Vincent Longo,a brand I was totally unaware of,named "Jet Set Go Go La Creme" in Gold.Yet I had a feeling it will be good enough. The set included Vials of 4 lip glosses and 2 liquid eye shadows.
Image Courtesy:
The site also offered an array of products to select as bonus gift for first time customers. I selected one I thought was the best.

Image Courtesy:
So these were 9 products (large and small) that were costing me $ 28(Rs.2500/-).With free delivery it seemed quite amazing. Even if something foul happens I didn't lose much. An experience you get is the real worth..(I know I am sounding like a loser).So I placed my order,it was confirmed, amount was deducted and I received an invoice informing me expected delivery time that varied from one to four weeks depending on destinations. I personally expected it to reach me in maximum number of day mentioned. Even then it would be a success.
I kept biting my lips and rubbing hands even in the first week and was planning to write to them when on 8th day the postman brought me the parcel. I was literally shaking of excitement that was more of success than owing goodies. I was pretty sure postman will be asking for cutoms tax or anything but that never happened. I brought the package in and clicked some photographs for you to see.
It was minimally packed from outside

It was inside that really flattered me .  It was full of styrofoam sheets and chunks from all side.
Now THIS is "Secure Packing"

The Vincent Longo set was bubble wrapped .

 Bourjois Paris kit was gift wrapped ..AWWW. Inside it was a pretty polythene packed  round box stuffed with paper clippings.

I was quite glad to see that images on website very pretty close to the items in real. That is very uncommon and amazing thing to happen.
Vincent Longo Jet Set Go Go La Creme in Gold retailed $13.50(Rs.1182/-).It is a transparent rectangle case with velvet insides to fit in vial. They looked totally gorgeous.

First four are Lipglosses and Last two are Liquid eye shadow  which I am really impressed with.all of them seem quite a bargain.
Bourjois Paris kit "Make her Blush" costed me $15( Rs.1313/-) and included a blusher and a lipstick.
The lipstick is in 03 Rose' Complice  and is a beautiful coral carrot shade.What I loved about the lipstick is a mirror in its cap which is totally awesome.

See the mirror in cap

Blusher is in 33 Lilas D'or which is a super gorgeous Pink Peach shade I have seen yet. It is kind of blusher + highlighter kind of stuff. Seem really pigmented .I liked its curved brush style and fits in easily.
 The bonus lip gloss from Stila which I opted for in Orange shade. Its name is actually Stila Lip enamel Luxe Gloss in Happiness.It again is so amazing peachy pink shade.I had picked it randomly but had heard a lot about Stila's products so this was great.I loved the stopper it had stuck in its tip to stop product from coming out

Soft Plastic Stopper
Top Stila Lip Enamel Luxe Gloss in Happiness
Middle: Bourjois Blusher in 33 Lilas D'or
Bottom:Bourjois Lovely rouge lipstick in 03 Rose'complice
So that was all for now.
I am quite impressed by Products,Service,Security,Delivery Time and Prices. All in all this has been a great experience for me. I'll certainly Re-do it.
Order Summary
Order Placed: 13th November 2011
Order Received: 21st November 2011
Order Destination: Sweden to RWP,Pakistan
Order Condition: Perfectly Packed ,Securely Received
So that was all.
I hope this was helpful.
Take Care
Cheeky Chic


  1. great swatches and such cute packaging

  2. Wow, everything arrived so nicely! I love when companies care enough to package well :) great items and great swatches. I've always wanted to try some Bourjois

  3. A make-up blog! I've been looking for a good one, and yours is just perfect! What a lovely packaging you got, thank you for sharing, darling! You got me hooked up know- I'm a new follower!
    Good luck!

  4. @ cottoncandyink thanx 4 liking
    @ Krystal yeah.They just made me their fan by sending my stuff that well.i am glad u liked it.
    @ skinnymoonstick I am happy you liked it. and u are welcome here

  5. Love the lipstick!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!
    Follow you back :)

  6. Wow it's nice to know they take care of packaging their makeup well. Love all of the color swatches!

    New follower - would love for you to check out my blog and follow back! :)

  7. I'm happy the items you ordered online were delivered fine. as for me, i had a bad experience of ordering in the web... anyway, i love all the products especially the lip gloss...

  8. @cacy u r welcome here
    @Kassi I sure will visit n join u..thanks for liking
    @ cherry .i have had one or two wrong experience too . but they too eneded well somehow. this was superb all over.thans 4 liking

  9. Ive never heard of them before....Ill have to check them out:) Thanks for stopping by my blog ..following you back!

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  10. I love reading online order success stories. I have ordered perfumes from Strawberry net but not from Pakistan.Great picks. I have the same Lilas D'or Blush. It's supposed to be a great dupe for NARS Orgasm.How much customs did you pay for all this?

  11. @ Pandora's the blusher really? I made a good purchase then. I paid no customs ..such a relief. I read there is normally no customs on small packages.

  12. @Cheeky Chic: Yes its true.Check out this link!

  13. @ Pandora's box .O yeah girl, they are really close.a bit of more highlighter and it would be totally same..thanks for telling ..XOXO


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