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Monday, 21 November 2011

Leopard eyes ..An Inspiration

 Hey guys! as much as I am cracking with joy to reach a hundred followers right this minute(Which definitely deserves a giveaway for u..Stay Tuned), I celebrate this fact by sharing with you a Leopard eye look.

Image: Google Courtesy

Ever since I has came across first animal print I got obsessed with them. Anything which has to do something with Zebra,Leopard,Cheetah,Tiger or even a Giraffe sucks me in.May be I am Mogli's long lot descendant.
Long story short I have been trying to get the leopard look on my eyes the moment I watched Kareena Kapoor's MEOW track in Golmaal 3. I was itching to do that.

Kareena Kapoor in MEOW
 I know it is more than a year late to do that but lets enjoy!!
I have not recreated Kareena's look but tried to do stir my own imagination.
SPOILER ALERT: Since I do not have my regular camera with me,the images aren't going to be top notch.I just did them with me cellphone cam.Just bear with me.

I used :
To Prep eyes Revlon soothing eye primer.
For Shading:
Silk Touch eye shadow palette shade no.6 & 7 (See Review)
Mabrook Solid eye Liner in Black(For Leopard Pattern)
For Lashes:
NYC curling Mascara
Mabrook Solid eye Liner in Black
On water Line : Diana of London Super Long Wear Eye liner pencil
Under Eye: Becute foundation and concealer stick e.l.f clarigying Pressed Powder in Rosy Beige

Hope you liked it
See you again
Cheeky Chic


  1. wow you did a great job!

  2. Great job, looks so nice! :) I wouldn't be able to rock the cheetah eyes

  3. wow this looks really great! love the leopard print u've created!!
    is this free hand or u used something in particulr to make the print? x

  4. @ CottonCandyInk
    @ Polish&Charms
    Thanks a budle for liking these.
    @ Krystal.Glad you liked it.I myself wasnt hoping it'd be that good ..:P
    @ Rakhsan.I am pleased.:)No I did it all by myself .Free Hand.No ADD-ONs

  5. Hey..... this is awesome..I love your talent leopard gal .

  6. Great job! You have gorgeous eyes, too :)

  7. @ Izdiher thanks for complimenting
    @ Sara Im Glad u liked it

  8. Gorgeous, love it!!!

  9. I love what you've done with leopard print ! You have talent *

    Thanks so much for the comment!
    I will follow you too *

  10. @ Aida thanx 4 liking
    @ Raquel im glad u liked it.thanks for joining

  11. thanks so much for the follow! I love this eye make up!


  12. @ Sahar
    @ mangotatoes
    thanx for liking

  13. Wowwww I know I am bit late in discovering this post.. But this is pure AWESOMENESS!!! And you actually did this free hand!! Woah you are seriously talented my friend!! :D

    1. Aww thanks so much.*HUGS* . I recognised u from the Garfield image next to ur name.


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