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Monday, 14 November 2011

A Daily Essential: e.l.f Essential Lipsticks

I have already once mentioned e.l.f essential lipsticks in my quick picks post. I guess this is about time I do a detailed post on them. So here they are.

e.l.f Essential Lipstick (From Left to right) Classy, Fantasy & Charming 
Know it!!
e.l.f Essential Lipstick 
E.l.f essential lipsticks are something which I had my eyes on since very long. They come in a silver casing with a transparent ring almost in middle to see a shade from outside.
The packaging is quite minimal and most of the effort has been put in to product instead of looks.
E.l.f is an international cosmetics brand which is popular for its one dollar products range. I got them from e.l.f Pakistan website for PKR 170/- each.
Use it!!
I have been using three essential lipsticks since a month now and have been using them pretty much every day since then.

e.l.f Essential Lipstick  Swatches(From Left to
right) Classy,Fantasy &Charming 

The very first shades I used were Classy and Fantasy.(see Haul) I must say that those were not exactly the shades I had expected.  But very soon I learnt to mix n match to come up with desired shade.
el.f Essential Lipstick in Classy & Color Planet no.14
 Classy is a cool, non-bright side of pink which sometimes gives a hint of purple. I also add a dash of bright pink lip-gloss like Color planet no. 14 to add glamour to it.That makes it a a little more ALIVE..:P

el.f Essential Lipstick in Classy

e.l.f Essential Lipstick in Classy
with bright pink Lipgloss

e.l.f Essential Lipstick in Fantasy & e.l.f super glossy
Lip gloss in Candlelight
 Fantasy is somewhat chocolate brown color. I mix it up with e.l.f’s super glossy lip gloss in Candlelight to tone it down to an almost nude shade.

e.l.f Essential Lipstick in Fantasy

e.l.f Essential Lipstick in Fantasy with e.l.f super glossy
Lip gloss in Candlelight

e.l.f Essential Lipstick in Charming
&e.l.f Hypershine lipgloss in Bare
I used its shade in Charming after some time.see Haul, which became my favorite shade so far among these. Charming is a pinkish nude shade which is absolutely gorgeous with dusky skin tones.
I sometimes add a hint of e.l.f hyper shine lip gloss in Bare to it.which is sheer golden shadeThat gives extra gloss to it.
e.l.f Essential Lipstick in Charming

e.l.f Essential Lipstick in Charming
With e.l.f Hypershine lipgloss in Bare

All these three lipstick have a creamy shine to them. They certainly are not very glossy but are not matte either. All in all creamy is the perfect word that describes their texture. That makes it very easy to apply.
A second post of more e.l.f essential lipstick swatches is HERE

e.l.f Essential Lipstick  Swatches(From Left
to right) Classy, Fantasy & Charming)

e.l.f Essential Lipstick  Swatches(From Left
to right) Classy, Fantasy & Charming (In Flash)
They are rich in color and are quite pigmented. I have never felt to use more than two swipes for maximum color. Some people have complained that these lipsticks are not long lasting. The problem is that since creamy lipsticks are always prone to absorb quickly these also do. Yet I have found these as long lasting as they could get. Moreover as the color is quite rich it helps it stay even more.
Another thing which strikes me the most is the great quantity they offer. My first guess was that as these are only 1 USD / PKR. 170/- they would be sample sized but I was pleasantly surprised that unlike some of e.l.f product they were full fledge lipsticks.
The only thing which I do not go along with is its insecure packaging. All three reached me through post and were broken because their bullet detached from the twister. I have also observed same damages to others who got these.I still use a brush to apply these lipstick. Each time I open the cap the bullet falls in to my hands.
Over all they were a very good addition to my vanity. I use them on daily basis and am amazingly glad I got them. I would not resist getting more of them any time sooner. As they are super affordable price and quite good in quantity I do not fear finishing them in short time.
Like it!!
They are quite pigmented.
Their texture is super creamy.
They are very rich in color.
They come in quite enough quantity.
They are at very affordable price.
They offer easy application
Leave it!!
Their packaging is prone to damage.
They may last a little less than other lipsticks.
Scaling & Rating:
Quality: ****1/2(an international brand, with max pigmentation and creamy application)
Price :*****( very affordable @PKR 170/- , USD 1/- and GBP 1.50/-)
Durability through time: ***1/2 (stays for a satisfactory time)
Product Claims :****( have “Rich” color and “Shine” to give “Silky smooth lips” but not that “long lasting’)
Availability: ***1/2 (in Pakistan only @ elf website and in US/UK @ some drugstores)
Shades: ***1/2 (from Reds to Pinks to Browns. Still there is room for more)
Recommendation: Do not miss such a great product
So guys, that was it.
See ya next time with some other post.
Cheeky Chic


  1. lovely swatches..i thnk i should buy some of these lippies..

  2. i like charming the most. great review.
    is the price inclusive of tax???

  3. @Sahar thnx for liking
    @Huma Yes 170 is the total price of one item.I am hea over heels in love with "Charming"

  4. I like the shade "fantasy", it looks good.

  5. @MHL Fantasy is the richest color among all these

  6. I have classy and charming. Is Fantasy a nude colour or dark brown on the lips? Good review :)

  7. @ Remy Thanks for liking.Fantasy is Dark brown shade,very pigmented color.


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