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Thursday, 17 November 2011

A Sneak Peek In my bag

Hey guys . Today I take you to a personal tour to what my bag holds each time it hangs on my shoulder.

Honest reason to do this post is that i am going through a major camera crisis right now. My memory card is not read by the camera which is really quenching my heart with each passing moment. I don't even know if it is a problem with my camera or the SDHC card. but since the card is detected by laptop built in card reader I am pretty much freaked out if God forbidden it is camera disorder. Since I am at my mom's for a few days and have no other memory card to try right now I 'll just have to wait and watch and pray each minute that it works somehow. Otherwise I'll have to search for a legit camera service shop ..OUCH  That's a bugging idea
Any how this was the post I wanted to do since ages but it never got a slot for itself. Now ,when I cannot do close shot images I thought why not do this up with me cellphone cam.
Actually since childhood I always used to keep a bundle of stuff with me all the time even in school bag. From bandages to thread and needles.I try not doing that any more but this one is an essential kit which is in my daily bag.(one which has a hand wash and first aid kit and even a miniature shampoo/conditioner is for when I have to stay out for a day)
 So here is wat I always keep in my bag Come What May.
First of all is naturally my wallet.I love this one not only because it is a gorgeous color but it also is quite space-y.
I can hang it alone on my wrist at times.I can keep a cellphone a small stick on notes and a ball point easily inside with other stuff like cards and money or some this is definitely in my bag.

It is looking little bulgy only cuz I kept my mom's cellphone
 in it to show the space
Then there is the makeup/essential items pouch.

I have always kept a zipper kinda pouch in my bag but this one really attracted me like hell. These are some of the items it includes.
 Non Make-up items:
A folding comb
I normally do not need it much but you never know.
Axe body spray.Travel size.
I love small perfumes that could fit in bag and this one is super cute with its twisting top like the full sized one.Aveeno body moisturising lotion Travel size
Again a very handy smaller version of full size product.
A nail cutter
I hate when I suddenly realise on sitting in a car seat that I haven't trimmed my fingernails.
A USB stick
You never know when you may need to transport data.
Dew kiss Lip Dew by Avon
Very very effective lip balm/ chap stick
Excel extra mint chewing gum
A compact mirror.
A wrist watch in my fav shade turquoise.

 Make-up Items
NYC Pencil and Pout lip gloss in Mauvette Duet.
It is a gorgeous shade and I keep it here for its awesome lip pencil which is kinda cross between a pencil and a lipstick. It is not joined with lip gloss and is sorta kept in a compartment and can be separated any time.

It is a beautiful nude color which is amazingly creamy.I just have to line and fill my lips with it and sweep the gloss once and they are all ready.

E.l.f natural Radiance blusher in Shy.
e.l.f Natural Radiance Blusher in shy
I kept it here cuz it is quite compact. It is a natural pink shade which I can use any time just to give a glowing pink shade to cheeks.
Rimmel Soft kohl Kajal eye Pencil in Black.
This stays in my bag because it got short and would easily fit in my pouch. See review Here.Plus it is the best Kohl eye-liner which I have found yet. One which stay for enough time and is quite black and easily applied.
A Compact Blusher brush
I nicked this one from ..mmm.. I seriously don't remember where. I guess it was part  of a color workshop make up kit.
A Lemon flavored lip oil.
I love lip oils. They just give a perfect look of healthy shiny lips.
Missing Out items:
There are still some things which are normally there right now they need a refill situation
I always keep a Wipes/ Tissue pack,First aid badge plaster,Ponstan/Disprin, Strepsils, and a small scissors(Last one broke badly)
So that was all.I really hope my camera gets fixed soon .So I could do better imaging.
See ya.
Cheeky Chic


  1. it was lovely reading what iz in your bag..cute pouch

  2. well the same pouch you sent me attracted me a lot as well. its really cute. nice post and good luck with ur camera issue.

  3. yup!!this is the same one:D I so love it.Thanks for liking post n wishing me luck ..XOXO

  4. fun post!! loved reading it:) especially like your wallet, the color is so gorgeous! i too carry all the essentials with me in my bag whenever i go out:) xx

  5. I'm sorry about your camera :(

  6. @SARA S.thanx sweetie:( im still hoping it fixes itself. I even dreamt about it

  7. I feel sorry about the cam... by the way i see it in your photos, you're very neat and organized on your things, which is good. and no doubt, i love the violet bag...

  8. @ cherry thanx a bundle for liking.yeah I try to keep everything within reach

  9. That's very useful. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. @ Fakhra
    @ Remy
    Im glad you liked it ladies

  11. Hello, I just wanted to let you know I am passing on the Versatile Blogger Award! I will be posting about it tomorrow!

  12. @ Polish & charms: thanx a bundle dear.will be waiting on post

  13. I must call you a make up princess! :)

  14. @ Algene are so sweet and grnerous .. thanx a lot

  15. Oh my look at that purple clutch <3 <3 so cute thanks for sharing sweets :)

  16. @ Izdiher
    @ Frgancia
    Thanx a bundle for liking.Always Pleased..

  17. nice items, love the elf blush

    thanks for stopping by my blog, now following ;-)

  18. @ CottonCandyInk I am pleased u liked them.n thnx for joining


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