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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Anothe e.l.f Haul..Im on the Go

 I seriously am getting addicted of e.l.f now..:-)
So this is my second haul from e.l.f Pakistan and it so far has proved to be  good enough.I had actually tried some of the base/foundation/concealer shades in my first haul.Based on them I asked for some more.Plus some additional items which as I always say "I needed so badly"..:P.
I also had to redeem the gift voucher they had given me last time when two of my product came damaged.
Following are some thing I got:
E.l.f Natural Radiance Blusher in Shy
I have been hearing a lot of good stuff about this blusher.though it is pretty smaller than I thought it to be but is absolutely gorgeous shade.Seemed a lot lighter color but is so pigmented that gave more color than the Arico blusher I already use.
E.l.f Tinted Moisturizer in Rosy Beige
This is my indeed my repurchase.I found this tinted moisturizer so absolutely amazing in terms of product and shade that I couldn't help buying it again .Because it again is of less quantity if you are gonna use it almost every other day.I'll review this soon
E.l.f All over cover stick in Rosy beige
I have been using elf's All over cover stick in Honey which being orange-y, has proved to be great for my under eye circles.So I decided to get one for my face in same shade as Tinted Moisturizer. Rosy beige it is

E.l.f Clarifying Pressed Powder in Rosy Beige
 I also got Clarifying pressed powder in Rosy beige.It is a little darker than I guessed it to be but then I could've got too lighter if I had gone a shade down.
E.l.f Liquid Eyeliner in Black
I also got an eyeliner in Black.I had stopped using liquid eyeliner since I am so sick of their brushes.Never got able to draw a thin line .I always used to end up with Cleopatra i decided to give this a chance as it is felt tip.It seems really nice.I'll sure do an eye look with this sooner.
E.l.f Healthy Glow Bronzing powder in Luminance
 This product is something which I was really excited about.I only got it because it promised to be a good brow highlighter.Turn out it is not only a good brow highlighter but is too good cheek highlighter too.Loved it.

E.l.f Lipstick in charming
This lipstick was also highly anticipated .This shade was out of stock when I ordered last time,but luckily this time it was available so I ordered it knowingly that lipsticks are far too touchy to arrive safely.

Same thing happened .It came broke and this time I could see it through packaging.I thought It is just a crack.I'll stick it together and put it in fridge .Totally old school way.but it didn't go that successfully.Though it came out of fridge seeming to be one piece but as soon as I applied it it was dangling in the case.And I feared it 'll crack in to bits if I keep on using it.

 The elf people asked me for images which I couldn't provide them at once.Had some problem with my cam and then in hurry I ended up providing them some wrong images from my other blog.Some cooked up recipe.It was damn too embarrassing so I have just sent them the right images again.They sent me a voucher to redeem anytime of the same value as lipstick.
Order Summary:
Order placed:19th October.
Order Received: 26th October.
Order Destination:KHI to ISB.
Order Condition:Only 1 broken Lipstick.
Seller's Response:Very Next minute after contacting.

Seller's Compensation:Voucher issued of lipstick Value
case Close :in a day (a lot of confusion from my side developed ):$.

  So that was all.I have strongly decided not to purchase anything for a month now .At least.But who knows.Some fashion emergency may arise..:P  

Till then
Cheeky Chic


  1. Great picks! I am tempted by that blush and the eyeliner <3

  2. Ty .yeh the blusher is absolutely awesome.eyeliner is quite good but small.:P

  3. I always decide not to shop any makeup stuff but same emergencies happens to me

  4. You have such bad luck when it comes to lipsticks lol. Why dont you depot this and use it? seems like such a pretty color :)

  5. lol.lipsticks seem too shy for trying to use it somehow.its really absolutely gorg shade

  6. I love ELF products, especially their brushes and blushes!

  7. @ Belma i share that same feeling ..:)


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