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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Pinky cheeky..Arico Cheek Blusher in 01.

Hi Pals!! Bringing you a latest addition to my Makeup Musts:Arico Cheek Blusher in 01.

Know it!!
This blusher is from Arico brand(Made in Korea) which I guess is unknown to most of the crowd.As I mentioned in my haul post when I had bought it that I actually had bought it as replacement to my Odho Cosmetics Blusher in Flamingo(see swatches in this post).
It is different to Odho's as it is more sheer and has diamond-y shimmers to it.It is supposed to be the Lightest Pink in its Line.
It comes in a round Silver Plastic case with a fan like brush that can be kept inside it.
Use it!!
I actually saw it along with 02 (which is a little darker pink than this) at a tester stand by Arico some 6 months ago but the shop didn't have the shade 01 or 02 either.I kept it in my search list since then and asked it time and again from different retailers.But all of them had never heard of the brand .I was using Arico's lipsticks so I knew it wasn't a hallucination.And then I found it last month and grabbed it instantly as my Odho's was almost finished (totally finished)
 Pink Shade is normally very tricky to apply but this one being sheer and light color gives you option to build it up gradually for desired coloration. 
 The first thing which hit me was that it holds 7.0 grams of product which I think is quite enough esp if you wanna use it everyday.
Then it was the brush itself that really impressed me.Normally I discard the brush which comes along the blusher and use an angled big blusher brush instead.I was planning on getting a fan brush for sharp application esp for contouring but this one really made me use it for the purpose.Unlike others it is not a simple straight brush but is full of soft bristles in circular shape which give smooth application and blending.
Now, about the blusher itself ,It looked pretty sheer when applied direct on skin and was about to disappoint me when I once applied it on pressed powder applied cheeks.It not only showed very vivid shade but stayed there for a long time even I had applied just two sweeps if it.The trick was to blend a lot and color emerges beautifully.I was too glad when I found this side of it.
Arico Cheek Blusher in 01-On Blending
 After blending it well,I was concerned if it will stay or get kinda oily after some time.Some of the blusher do get to clog pores .But it stayed matte for quite long time.Whereas the  color got less a little bit but it didn't darken and actually gave a natural glow as if coming from beneath the skin.

Arico Cheek Blusher in 01- Shimmer
As I told you it has Diamond-y clusters infused within which is not exactly my preference.but I think it goes fine with me.Though I don't use it for daily usage.but It is quite awesome product with sheer to medium coverage.
Like it!!

  • It is a very nice & usable Pink shade
  • It gives sheer to medium coverage.
  • It is enough product to stay for quite a time period.
  • The brush which comes along is quite handy.
  • Product blends in quite well
  • Doesn't darken with time
  • Doesn't make skin oily.

Leave it!!
  • The diamond shimmer is quite obvious.
  • Too pigmented skin tones may have difficulty to build-up color.
  • May need a skin primer /base for shade to stay intact.
Quality:****(It is a good quality brand,Cant say much about long time effects)
Price:****(For Rs.390/- it is quite a lot product)
Durability Through Time:****(doesn't darken or fade and stays for good enough time)
Availability:***(I don't think Arico is yet available everywhere)
Product Claims:***1/2(It is "long wearing" to an extent and "oil absorbing".Cant say much about "moisturizing")
Shades:****(I guess it had some 10-12 shades,quite enough)
Recommendations:A good blusher pick for all times.
So this is all.
Hope you find it useful.
Cheeky Chic


  1. What shop did you get it from? Looks really pretty, and I don't mind the glitters so I think I'll go get myself one :) Thanks for the review!

  2. My pleasure sweetie.It is available at MEDI PLUS in RWP..I had also seen some of Arico's stuff at BEST PRICE ISB.Check at Shaheen's and D-Watson too ..

  3. i have used this blush on too.its quite good.offcourse in day time its shine is not a v impressive thing.i really liked ur blog.i found ur choice in makeup stuff much better than other bloggers.

    1. Thank you dear .. your words really meant a lot to me.I am really really glad It helped u.


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