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Monday, 17 October 2011

I love Strawberries & Milkshake Shimmer & Shine Lipgloss

Hey everyone ..Let me introduce you to the lipgloss which increases your thirst and lures your appetite with handful of Shine and Color.
So as much as I am reaching a 50 followers landmark ..(Yayyy )which I have achieved in less than 1 and a 1/2 month ,It really seems an achievement.Thanks to all of you out there for boosting my morale and backing me up against all odds.Thanks Babes!!XOXO
Lets come back to the product I am gonna review today.
Know it!!
This particular lip gloss is from a line :I Love.. Cosmetics.They mostly have a skin care range like Body Butter,Shower Smoothie,Bubble Bath and Lip Balm, with different inspiration from aromatic natural flavors we adore.

Even the very names of the their products make you relish and arouse your taste buds.BLUEBERRY & SMOOTHIE,

etc.They do have Scented candles in their gift box collections.

I personally have used just one of their products That is Shimmer and Shine lipgloss from Strawberries and Milkshake Products

It comes in an ordinary black capped tube to squeeze and product comes up through a hole on top. 

It actually is part of a gift packs "I love Shimmering Party Lips
or"I love strawberries and Milkshake mini collection"
which has three other scented and Flavored items namely  COCONUT & CREAM,MANGO AND PAPAYA ,RASPBERRY AND BLACKBERRY .I so hope they too are as scented and flavored as the strawberry one is.
Use it!!
I love this lip gloss not only because as the name suggests it is as essenced as a strawberry flavored product could get but it also is shimmery and glossy enough to make the lips fell heavenly all in all.

As it is a strawberry milkshake lip gloss it does not give a very strong pink rather a milky pink shade.The image below may seem a little too whitish because of the flash .

but it is just the naturalist pink color.You apply it on and it feels like you have just applied a natural shine on bare pink lips. 

The shine it holds comes from with the product as if it has minute microscopic shining crystals inside it that reflect in an amazing manner.  The shimmer is not something which is staying separate but it is mixed within.
you can actually see the shimmer from outside.
I have mostly found that the lip glosses which claim to stay longer are too sticky to bear.This one is so smooth and pigmented and stays on lips for like ever .If you manage to resist eating it off cuz of its yummy flavor.It actually seems as if you have applied strawberry milkshake on lips which is fragrant,tasty and colorful to the last extent .I seriously feel like I 've just had a strawberry milkshake and as I HAVE NOT in reality (Sigh) I have urges to have one instantly.Or else just smack the gloss..
The have not added any Animal derived ingredients other than Honey and Beewax. So they are completely legit to suck on a little (or in my case.almost all)
Like it!!
  • It is richly colorful.
  • It has awesome taste.
  • It has long lasting power to stay ON.
  • It is pigmented .
  • It is so smoothly applied.
  • It has ultimate shine and shimmer to it. 
Leave it!!
  • It may be a strong flavor and scent for some who dont like strawberry. 
Quality:****1/2(This is actually quite a good quality ,keeps lips smooth and shiny and nourished.)
Price:****(The mini collection it comes in is £4.99 on
Availability:***(You can to this page to see the location it is available at)
Durability Through time: ****1/2(It stay on lips for a good time unless you smack it off yourself:P)
Product Claims:***** (It has the "flavor","Color",and "Shine")
Shades:*** (Only 4 flavors and shades mentioned above too.They could add stuff like oranges and plums etc for more shade variety)
Recommendation:***** (Get it and feel yum all the time.)

Update:They have added Tropical Paradise
and Juicy Watermelon 
to their collections too along with Super Soft Hand Lotion
and Face Masks
to the products.Sounds too yummy .
Hope you guys liked them all.
See Ya again soon
Cheeky Chic 



  1. The vanilla set looks soo good! Even though I can't bear wearing lip gloss ( I know, I have issues lol), I would've loved to try this one out if I could stand them lol.

    Nice review :)

  2. thanx for introducing the brand:) i wasn't fimiliar with it before, would love to try the products esp the yummy gloss!:)

  3. I've awarded you the Liebster Blog Award!:)

  4. I love the look of the lipgloss, very pretty :) x


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