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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

We glitter Nails.NOTD with NYC Silver Spell

 Hey everyone,today I bring you Some glamour for nails.
This is a recent addition to my nail lacquers.I am not really fond nail enamels since I have been infused from early childhood that nail color actually damage your nails.Perhaps at that time they did but as I  hit maturity I have sensed that they do damage your nails if you keep them On 24/7 and do not protect and pamper nails as they should be.This seems like a big fuss.RESULT: im Not a great nail enamel user .But I do love funky nails,Cool nail art and some thing apart from the regular one sweep nail color technique.
This is the first nail glittre nail polish I own.And have proved to be good in certain manner.
Well as it says it is from NYC and is known as Silver spell.

It actually is transparent so can be used over any other shade easily.You can very well see that it is infused by a lot of silver glitter plus some multi-colored bigeer glitter polka dot kinda stuff which are mostly blues and violets.
They only problem I have faced with this one is that the bigger glitter tends to fall off the nail unless you apply a sheer nail coat.Then it rocks!!
It is pretty smooth on the surface that is the glitter doesn't give an uneven texture.
I have used it on different base coats to see random effect .
It actually seemed pretty cool on black and purple as it matched the clusters.

Dont mind my untidiness.I was a little too excited
Enjoy some more images.

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