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Friday, 16 September 2011

mid month haul-i gotta la-la laa

Okay so this is gonna be my one day old shopping spree.
I tried to be as economical as possible(my mom was along ).kidding. Actually I do only get something expensive if it is either one of a kind or totally essential.Die-without-you kinda stuff
Well, this haul was more of  a daily usage stuff.

Flormar lipstuick
What I needed for myself, was a different nude lip shade other than thoseI had earlier. With nude shades you always want variety .So I got two of them :one from Flormar selection :Rogue A Levers lipsticks(I dont even know what that meant )It is a no. 35.And is amazingly adorable.I got this for Rs. 255.I'll do a review soon but need to try it some more times so I come up with detailed info. See Review in this Post

2nd one is Revlon plus Matte Long Lasting Lipstick no.379. I am not a big fan of matte lipsticks ,but i can use them with an add-on transparent lip gloss. That serves the purpose and makes it enough shiny and creamy. I 'll do a review on that soon enough too.It cost me Rs.195..Cool huh?
See Revlon Plus Lipstick Review Here.
Then comes my blusher. I normally purchase Atiqa Odho Cosmetics blusher in Flamingo. That goes with me quite well. but ever since I found this sheer pink(no.01) from Arico cosmetics,I've been trying to get my hands on it. I was searching it online and in markets for a long time and got it finally . I t is a very nice and light shimmery pink.I don't like shimmer for daily use but well It sure looks promising. Worth's Rs.390/-
See Arico blusher Review Here
I got something for my nails: Sweet touch's bright pink nail polish (no.1087),which actually isn't that bright (good with me ) With price tag of Rs. 95 /-and Becute's transparent one that's no. 01.Costed Rs.55/-.Both seem to quite appropriate.Will sure let you know once I try them on .( indeed i tried the St's right then on my toes looked fab)

I got Adidas Women in Pure:24hrs Anti perspirant ,Quick Dry and 0% Alcohal.The only one that doesn't itches afterwards or stains the clothes I wear.Comes for Rs. 140/-

Then I got Himalya Herbals Neem face pack that claims to be for oily and pimple prone skin .I dont have that many pimples but lately developed two very nasty ones last week. Since then i fear they would catch the habit. Thus got this remedy for Rs.240/-.ASAP.Lets see what good it does.
I got Palmolive Thermal Spa Hydrating Shower Gel for Rs.175/-,I actually saw it for 140 on another shop but i had bougt it till then And was not in mood to go back and return it for Rs.35/-.I  have been using Imperial lather's shower gel and Creams for last 10 years.whew thats a decade.But have been trying some new ones for some months since Imperial Lather introduced a new line . that didnt go too well with me ..Itchy ..AAArghhh
And Last but not the least Pantene Pro-V Oil replacement,Which I actually bought by mistake thinking it a conditioner, I was about to regret it but regarding what it claims to be it is the first one amongst the haul which I tried At once.In fact wearing it right now .So Far So Good .Lets see what it does once I wash my hair off.See the review
(HERE)pronto..Its worth Rs.370 after 33% off.
So guys that was all . I sincerely hope that all I bought may serve its worth.I'll get to you soon with reviews.
Any quick requests will be entertained.
See Ya


  1. it was lovely reading ur post..flormar lipstick looks great.. Neem face pack is really a great stuff..will wait 4 ur review on pentene oil replacment..

  2. Great haul. Palmolive thermal spa looks really refreshing

  3. Thanx for liking.Neem Face Pack is in fact my second option to try.Flormar TRULY seems super.Wanna do a detailed review.Fingers crossed for Pantene Replacement Oil

  4. Im pleased u liked it@pandora's box & the most amazing thing :it cost me less than 2K ..Awesome

  5. How did you find the Matte Revlon lipsticks? I saw them at a store but I wasn't sure about the quality because they come for such a cheap price. Please do a review on it if you can. Thanks :)

  6. i will sure do a detailed review but for starters it is super duper matte and is quite a reasonable quality at this price

  7. Lovely haul thanks for adding the prices as well :) Tha palmolive shower gel looks so refreshing, I want!!!!
    Nice and cute blog btw :)
    followed you! Stop by my blog sometime?


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