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Friday, 16 September 2011

Paint the town black and white

Hey everyone, so this is going to be my first post for nails, actually for nail art..Yay!!

I have loved the idea of nail art and have been trying to as much creativity as I could with minimal nail art tools I have. I have achieved these following looks with a really slim brush I have which was in reality for eye lining, but was not so soft so I started using that for nail designs. I have used manicure pen which helps me erase where I go wrong and black & white nail colors by golden rose. I am not a big fan of this product but it serves the purpose when it comes to experimenting.:)

Anyhow, these are some looks I have created. I don’t keep my nails long, just little above the ridge. I have based my nails with white and done motifs with black. My hand was a little shaky, i'm still getting the hang of it , so they are a bit uneven around the edges, but no one is gonna stare in to them like my camera does …
 On my thumbnail I have done some discontinued sweeps technique. Pretty simple, huh?
On index finger I drew a flower, dotting 5 dots and then joining them together in middle.
For middle finger I have tried to make it a leopard print. That one took more of my time. I’ll do a review on that soon.
I really love right angles, diagonals and straight sweeps; they are easy to draw with nail polish brush. That is what I did on last two fingernails. Easy peasy, right?
I strongly believe in twisting the norms a little to come up with novelties.  What say?
I hope you liked them. Do share with me some of your ideas.

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