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Saturday, 17 September 2011

The flower power nails

Have flowers looked any better before?
Hey guys!
This is my 2nd post for nail art and I must say im getting better a bit .well It is pretty simple yet good looking.The flowers are a little bit closed to each other cuz i dont have large nails to accommodate a garland as small as three flowers ..
Well what i did was paint my nails with Revlon's sheer innocence first and then with a dotting tool made 5 petal flowers in white and black,then again dotted their inside with opposite colors.
I used Golden rose black and white nail polishes ,they are actually thick in consistency so I had a little difficulty .Otherwise all is well.after everything I coated a transparent becute nail polish over them .We never are short of  a little more gloss,eh?
So that was all .I did some more imaging just to get a better look through lens.
Check 'em out.
Cheeky Chic


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