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Friday, 11 November 2011

Pick Me quick!!

Hey fellows. Today I share with you some of my quick picks make up items.

These are those few things which I use in ultimate time of emergency, when I have just some minutes at my hand to fix myself. Somehow I know that they won’t go wrong in anyway. Just put them up and fish compliments. Moreover I sometimes keep these items in my shoulder bag, to use any time needed.
First of all is my Avon True color Eye shadow Quad in Cocoa Glow (Q103).

 This is a piece of blessing for me as the quad completely offers a set of 4 shades namely: Vanilla, Rose Gold, Chestnut and Chocolate which are perfect for all four sections of an eye:  Highlighter, Lid, and Crease and Outer corner.

Top to Bottom: Chocolate-Chestnut-Rose Gold-Vanilla
This has been one of those items which I just know will give me gorgeous results without working too much on it. The quality is amazing and I do not have to put any effort blending colors.

The applicator is also top notch and gives smooth application. Plus it comes with a built in mirror and guide at back to show you which areas each eye shadow goes to. A perfect quad.

One other element for eyes is my DMGM professional kohl eye liner pencil in Noir black 16.
I have been using it with almost every other eye look I have done till now. The biggest asset to have this one is that it is very easy to apply.
I have never felt to use it twice when I apply it to upper and lower waterline. I have also used it as eyeliner and it is as amazing as kohl there too.
 It is though not very long lasting due to its super creamy nature but is still what my hand reaches for every time I wanna fill up my eye rims.

Applied @ Upper & Lower Waterline
Second in line are some of lip products that again are something which do not at all demand any effort to rock. Just one sweep across lips and they just dazzle any time.
Leading which is Luscious Lipstick in Candy Pink.

It is an awesome Shade which is a peachy pink shade. All in all that is a lipstick just needs a swipe to get ready.
Luscious Lipstick in Candy Pink Swatch
Not only does it have an amazing shade but also is creamy enough which just needs a mere second to apply at time of urgency. I do mix it up with other shades like Maybelline Lip shine Elixir in Pink seduction or e.l.f’s glossy lip gloss in pink kiss for even more fab shade and esp. when I want it to go a little lighter.
Another lipstick which I blindly follow is a new addition (this one indeed prompted me to write this post). It is e.l.f’s essential lipstick in Charming.

This is a very cool Pinkish nude which goes very well when I want to maintain a Simple yet elegant look. It is again super creamy and though it has a broken bullet yet it is a super color, which I sometimes just apply in normal routine.
e.l.f lipstick in Charming(Swatch)
 I sometimes do add e.l.f Hyper shine gloss in Bare to it which is a sheer golden shade. They make an absolute duo.
Last but not the least is Flormar Selection Rouge A’Leveres Lipstick in shade 35 .

This is again a nude shade which orange undertone. This again is very easy shade to handle for usual to special looks.
Flormar Selection in 35 swatch
A plus point with this lipstick is that it is long lasting. I don’t need to refresh even after hours of application. So this again is what my eyes seek when I want to look pinned up in matter of seconds.
Now, finally for face I use another recent buy of mine, which is very helpful at nick of time. This is again from e.l.f. Their Tinted moisturizer in Rosy beige.

 It is very medium wheat-y shade that does not over emphasize skin tone.
 I especially like it because of its blend able nature which gives proper coverage and enough subtleness to skin .Just take a droplet or two, spread it all over the face for even distribution and you are ready to within seconds.
e.l.f Tinted moisturiser in Rosy Beige
Swatch on bare skin
e.l.f Tinted moisturiser in Rosy Beige
Swatch on blending
e.l.f Tinted moisturiser in Rosy Beige
Swatch after blending

It can be worn alone or with a hint of blusher .I have felt the blusher shades look more vibrant when used over it.
Speaking of blushers, I have still not found a dupe to Odho cosmetics blusher in Flamingo. That was just my all-time fav. Blusher. That was totally something that could never go wrong. It had enough pigmentation to give color in one sweep.  Blushers which take more time to buildup are certainly not my pick at 11th hour. Moreover it was long lasting and would not give me a clown look. It was something which I could use even without peering into mirror.

I am using Arico's Blusher in 01 now a days .See Post on that HERE.

Arico Blusher in 01 Swatch on Blending
It is proving to be a 7/10 replacement for Odho blusher.
So guys that was all. Do share with me some of such items which are a helpful hand at time of need.
See ya next time
Cheeky Chic


  1. I love your Avon eyes! :) Also loving all the ELF products that you love too! Their tinted moisturizers are amazing for the price marks <3

  2. Gorgeous swatches on the eyeshadow quad and the lipsticks! :) I'm a huge fan of pink lipsticks!

  3. Love the Flormar lipstick! Such a pretty shade!

  4. @ Krystal thnx 4 liking.I adoe e.l.f to heart
    @Rainy...) Pink has always been my fav shade in make up.ty for admiring
    @Nayab ,,very true ..its such an easy shade

  5. oooh! I'm loving your Flormar Lipstick swatch. Where did u get it from?

  6. Thanks for is an amazing shade.It is available @ Medi PLus, Shaheen Cosmetics and Dwatson Rwp Cantt branches(Main Mall Road) U can try Blue Area ISB branches too.but I didnt see them there almost a month ago

  7. hey nice work...from where u got ELF also living in Pindi...will chek the stuff my self fromShaheen(in commercial???)what is the price of Avon eyeshades?

  8. @ Huda thanx for liking.elf products are available on their website:
    I got it from Shaheen in Cantt(Saddar).I don't know about commercial market branch. I think Avon shadows were some $12(1000 Rupees approx)

  9. n ur sure ELF is worth it? Huda

  10. @ Hudzy.Yeah!! Most of them (like these lipsticks) definitely are.esp if you need something for daily use or love to do experimenting with shades n colours like I do and are on a budget.


  12. Great post! I love avon quads they have such pretty color!

  13. @ PolaBerry ..they sure do ..:) thanks for liking

  14. Love the Flormar Selection Rouge A’Leveres Lipstick !!


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