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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Eye Look...Dusky Damsel

I have been complimented time and again on the eye look I created to show effects of Avon eye Shadow quad and Maybelline Studio drama Gel Eye-liner. So I decided to share some more images and make up item I used to create this.

I used:
To prep eyes.
Diana of London Gel make up base As Primer (See This Post for Review)
Revlon Natural Radiance Soothing Eye Primer as Shadow base.
On Eyes:
Avon True Color Eye shadow Quad in Cocoa Glow.All 4 Shades(See This Post For Review)
On Eyelid:
Maybelline Eyestudio Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black 01( See This Post For Review)
On Water Line:
DMGM Professional Kohl Eyeliner in Black /Noir(See This Post For Review)
On  Lashes:
Boots no. 7 Curling Mascara in Black Brown
Under Eyes:
Becute Foundation /Concealer stick in PS 7.
e.l.f Clarifying Pressed Powder in Rosy beige
Hope you enjoy the look.
See you some other time.
Cheeky Chic


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  2. Thanks @Sara
    You are welcome .i'll be glad to help u in any way @Farjah

  3. you have really gorgeous eyes, you don't even need any make-up.... I think they would also work better if you just bring out your lashes and draw your eyebrows more perfectly (even if they already look good) and put some eyeliner, finish !!

    whatever the colours are great :x

  4. @ miss peacock.Thanks a million for this honest suggestion. I usually just line my eye with kohl or do a bit of eye liner.
    Thanx for admiring ..XOXO

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog :-) This is a nice simple look, and I agree with Miss-Peacock, you have beautiful eyes that it's nice to bring them out with less kohl and framing them nicely with your brows and heaps of mascara. I do like the kohl on the upper eyelid though, that always looks good :-)

  6. @ Coco thanks for joining me . and even more for this beauty advice.i do actually kinda ignore my brows at times:p.I will certainly try ur advice sometimes <3<3<3


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