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Sunday, 13 November 2011

And Ends The Second Era...

Hi friends,
I am here with another blog update sharing with you end of a second months blogging and feeling ecstatic about another milestone getting nearer.

 I usually do not go to my stats every other day though I am dam curious to see my progress every minute of the day but somehow I wait for the end of the month to see a collective result. I make this surprising even for myself. How self-assuring I am. Though it increases expectations but fortunately I have always felt awed and bursting with a kind of pleasure somewhere down my heart chambers when I see my hard work bearing rewards. So this time with delay of more than a week I visited the stats page and weighed my fruits.
First of all topping the most popular post list was the giveaway post with 455 pageviews that is super encouraging. Which brings me to the results announced on 25th of October where I had surprisingly announced two winners instead of one. That was taken by a pleasant response. Both of them have received their goodies safe and sound One of them is not even a blogger, as the other one is, she has already done a gratitude post to me .. so very sweet of her.
The second thing which took me aback was that my last month’s first monthsary post was the third in line of most popular posts. That was pleasantly strange that my words are admired and read even if they are some self-encouragring jumbled up sentences. That one actually got 139 pretty close to Second in line is the post that got included in Bloggers Community round up list by Sarah Ali. She once again is right-ful of a million thanks from me.
Another leap I took towards becoming a blogger addict was initiating a second blog which still is taking baby steps with 5 followers and posts that could be counted on fingertips. I do need to work on that <<AGENDA for next month
I normally do not visit the review posts of those items which I am planning to do myself until I’m done with them.  This sometimes tries to infiltrate my views about a particular thing. I must share my personal experience. But I have felt lately that visiting them actually helps me focus more on a product’s features. By having a second opinion, I seek more and more about a product and personally compare my experience with others.
All in all I have been taken in bloggers community with warmth and encouragement, Each comment means a pat on back, Each addition to my follower toll is like a jewel added to my budding collection and Each post published is a landmark reached. Even an anonymous visit which is tracked by a gadget and shown by merely a location seems like another hand reaching closer. I imagine as much as I can ,through places and countries mentioned, what person is behind a visit to my page and even sometimes wonder if they are helped or not..
Now as I am nearing the total of 100 followers with margin of 16 people, Boy!! This really sounds a lot to me myself. I will soon be arranging another giveaway celebrating a golden follower’s jubilee. I have already decided what to offer you guys but let me touch 1 hundred first before announcing it officially.
So finally I must mention that my page view history has taken a high jump to reach 5320 total page views , with Pakistan, USA and UK still leading countries. I was glad to see that I have also attracted number of people from Russia Europe and Far East Asia.
I have done 68 posts so far. I am glad I’m keeping up with A Post A Day and am exactly equal in number of posts and days blogging. I have received 244 comments as yet and I still smile at every comment published.
So guys that was it ..
I hope I will bring mine and your expectations to reality.
Thanks Heavens for being here..XOXOX
Cheeky Chic


  1. Good luck! my best wishes are with u. hope u cross 100 followers sooon =)

  2. congrats on the ever increasing pageviews and followers! all the best:) xx


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