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Friday, 11 November 2011

Black Bordered Eyes: Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Can using eyeliner get more comfortable?

Maybelline Eyestudio gel eye liner used
on Upper lashline only

Know it!!
Maybelline gel eyeliner comes in a round metallic capped glass pot. Along is an eye liner brush with cap.
Both bear Maybelline official logo across their bodies.

Maybelline studio long lasting gel eye liner first attracted me as for its water/smudge proof claims. Since I have too watery tear duct other eyeliners would surely smudge at eye tip. I do not use liquid eyeliners any more so I did want something waterproof in a pot.

I accidently saw this one @ cosmetic/drugstore in Islamabad (SEE Haul POST) and could not resist. For first few days I somehow didn’t believe my luck that I actually have got my hands on it and just kept it as trophy. I was able to use it more often later esp. during festive season of Eid so I decided to do a review.

Use it!!
As mentioned already it is the “ black 01” shade.  The shade seems quite according to its name that it is pretty pure black.

The applicator brush is pretty nice and is somewhat a blend of ordinary lip brush and angled brush. I have personally found it very user friendly. It needs occasional cleansing when felt heavy with product.

The gel itself is quite pigmented and as per claims glides quite smoothly when applied. Unlike other eyeliners it does not leave vacant/partially spots behind.
The basic feature of the gel is its water proof nature. When swatched on bare skin it not only lasted quite long but also it stayed put under flow of water. This is quite impressive. When applied to eyes I felt pretty much same results. Application was very easy and I could alter the line from thin to thick easily. The tear duct where I usually have problem did not mess at all even after hours of application. This was incredibly relieving to me as I am bound to have panda eyes after some time which completely damages my under eye concealing. The inner corner of my eye was surely intact for hours.

I also did not need to add a drop of water to liquefy it. Since it is not water based it does not spread or get in to fine lines. Neither does it absorb in skin rather it creates a fine film over skin.
The thing which disturbs me is occasional flakiness of an eyeliner. I had stopped using liquid water proof eyeliners because they used to get off eyes like saw dust. With Maybelline gel eye liner I noticed that it had faded a little and some bits were missing from here & there. This might be because I may have rubbed my eyes a little (I do not rub them too much as I fear damaging under eye capillaries) but then it also promises to be smudge proof. So it does not eliminate smudging as much as water proofing.
This factor also does not make it a perfect long lasting eye liner. It is amazingly suitable for watery eyes but may not be relied upon for longer period.

UPDATE: For some more information I have used some regular eye liner that stayed overnight,they spread a little.Whereas this one didn't spread but was no where to be seen after a night's sleep.Totally disappeared

Yet another asset is its minimal required amount of application. I was initially quite disappointed to see such a small pot but on usage I found that one actually needs very less amount to create a look. Only one dip in pot is enough to go a whole Cleopatra look for one eye.

You need to let it dry a little after application for better coverage and keep the pot covered afterwards.
Speaking of pot, which is made of glass, it slipped for more than once from out of my hands and hit the floor. I was pretty sure it will be added to my list of” broken product I loved “soon enough. The pot is so small and glassy that it tends to lose grip. I really would have been happier if it were a plastic pot. That would be less in risk of breakage.

All in all it is a very helpful product and I feel lucky to get my hands on it.
I created a look using this eye liner:

Like it!!
It is of very deep black color.
Its application is very smooth.
It is quite pigmented.
The brush is of good quality and is easy to use.
It is agreeably of water proof nature.
Its pot and brush are compact.
It requires quite limited amount to do an eye.
It does not absorb in skin.
It does not need a water drop to do application
Leave it!!
It is not that smudge proof.
It is a little less long lasting.
The glass pot is prone to breakage.
It might be a little expensive for some.
See comments below for some more details 
Scaling & Rating:
Quality: ****1/2: (coming from Maybelline it offers best quality with smooth application, rich color and pigmentation)
Price :****( I rate it good because though it is expensive @ PKR 1000/USD 9.99 but is used minimally)
Product Claims: **** (“Concentrated gel”, “Water proof”, gives “intense line” and “glides smoothly” but is a little less “long lasting” and is not much “smudge proof”)
Durability Through Time: ***1/2 (Some flakiness and smudging noticed)
Availability :****( Available @ most drug/cosmetics store)
Shades: **** (Mostly needed shades: Charcoal, Brown, Eggplant and Black)
Recommendations: My take is that it’s absolutely un-avoidable and a compulsion for makeup doers.
I hope you liked this review.
See ya soon.


  1. Nice review but here i disagree with one point...I found this liner lasting for long time...and the brush is totally useless when comes to a fine application....I also found it smudge proof even when i tested it under water...until or unless you rub it .... it will stay put....
    Pictures nicely taken ! :)

  2. Thanks 4 bringing this up.Well ,I use the brush slightly angled so it works pretty fine with is quite good under water.thats y I said its water proof.wats the point of smudge proofing when it is gonna be disturbed by slightest rub.I have seen eye liners which are intact even when you get up after a night's sleep.while this doesn't.

  3. I'm into make up too. I apply light make up just to color my face a little every day. And I love Maybelline products. I personally use Aqua gel foundation and fruity lipgloss. Maybe I should try the eyeliner too. thanks for following my blog. i'm doing back the favor now.

    love lots!

  4. Wow thats looks great but i'll be sticking with my Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner! ^__^

    Thank you for your sweet comments :D Oh and thank you for following i followed you back your blog is amazing..Can't wait to hear more from you!! =D

  5. @ Cherry i love maybelline too. aqua solid eyeliner is pretty good. ty for being here
    @thanks a bundle for liking. those comments were right from heart.
    I wish i could do liquid eyeliners..:( is C2000 that good?

  6. I love the look you created. Very precise. I could never do that in a million years. Gorgeous.

  7. Neither could I.but this one is GEL so I could plus eye liner brush is super smart..

  8. i love this product, its great! I wish it was more black though! I know it's dark but it could be glossier!


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