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Saturday, 22 October 2011

5 Products Which Shattered & Broke Heart

Hey everyone,Today this post is abut those very beloved makeup items which broke some how and my heart literally skipped a beat.

Makeup items are prone to damage and breakage.We all know that.As most of them are solid so they can shatter very easily.Plus they are supposed to be moisturizing and soft to touch thus these factors even increase the risk.
Well,my story is that I usually have broken those items which I use almost everyday.Those which are part of my daily makeup routine are just first in line to face critical condition.So naturally when they do it I simply do not part with them that easily and keep them alive somehow.No matter how many times my heart cries out when I see them or regret if I had been a little  more careful.There was also some random stuff which broke but that didnt matter as I didn't use them as regularly.
Anyway!! Lets discuss the injured souls ..:P
Well first in line is my all time favorite Pressed Powder from Rimmel Stay Matte range.
I also have done a post on it.You can well imagine my obsession with it that though I lost half of it I kept it with me.
This one absolutely have a reason of its present condition.It doesn't have a mirror attached so each time you have to apply it you have to manage a mirror,the puff,and the compact with two hand .While doing so on one day I dropped the poor soul.I was all swearing words to myself and literally tried to use the blusher brush to scrape it off the floor when I realised that it is definitely been added with pretty lot of fine dust,Which by chance is the powder's original color so you cant really separate them both.Thus all I collected went straight into bin.Case closed!!
The second one I mourn about is the Shimmer Touch Duo Eyeshadow by Diana of London.
This one is a duo of two very pretty shades which I used to use as highlighters.They are so amazing that they are like pride of my collection.So I would use them in every eyemakeup I did.
I actually dropped them while cleaning my vanity table.When it happened I cried aloud.."Oh God ..plz no!! plz no".But the damage was already done.The good thing was that though it fell on floor the lid didn't open.So all the bits and pieces were inside.
Though the shades had sorta mix with each other.The problem was that the container didn't have any depth.The product actually protrudes out of it like a spherical the broken chunks won't settle in.What I did to preserve it was to take a tissue paper ,fold it and spread it over the powder.
Now, closing the lid and even turning it around wont mix shades that much.But whenever I use them some of the powdered shadow always fall off.Still it stays with me.
The third one is though not an original MAC product but it did really cost me quite some notes.
More importantly this was the most amazing yellowish shade I had come across.I would kinda make my face glow.Though I only used it on my cheeks before blusher.The blush on will not only stay longer but its color would remain intact for ages.
This cracked while I was travelling.The surprising thing was that it broke only because of continuous movement.I had no idea it had split inside so when I opened the lid a lot of the powder fell out thus this is by far the product which has had most of the damage and loss to itself.
The forth one is a lovely Silk Finish blusher From Wet n Wild.
I purchased it from Canada and it stayed intact with me for just a week or so.It was actually part of a pouch.Which had some other items too.the only item which broke was this doesn't have a tight lid the zipper pouch was clad with fine powder all inside it.
I was left behind with bigger clusters,which I still use with a large blusher brush.Way to go.
The last one was not even owned by me when it broke.I have already mentioned it in my haul post.This one is trio in Caspian Grey by Collection 2000.
It broke while it was being delivered to me.I still remember when I opened and found its powder Sprayed  on all other things and the envelope it came in.
They were such  beautiful shades ,that I was totally saying out "OH My God' over and over.Though I have been refunded but I stil regret losing such shades.They are almost mixed over,specially the white one has changed in to Ash Grey and somehow doesn't get on the applicator , no matter how many times you try.
I have tried to restore it by pasting a card chip over it and then close it .It is not much of use yet, but at least the powders do not spread even more because of the card cover.I wish I find something like this anywhere in person.
So that was the story of my lost yet kept treasures .
Do share with me if you have gone through some instance like this.
Cheeky Chic


  1. I can totally imagine your distress! The same happened to TWO of my Luscious Twilight Palettes! I couldn't being myself to purchase a third one even though I love it to bits and pieces!

  2. Oh wow! That's a lot of breakage. Can't you 'rescue' some of these products though? Like mush em up and give them home in new containers or something. The Rimmel stay matte compact's packaging is sooo annoying. It's a fab pressed powder and really does help the skin stay matte in hot conditions but what were they thinking by not including a mirror? What's the point of having a compact when you can't use it on the go?

  3. Lol my mom always accidentally breaks her makeup. I remember her Estee Lauder eyeshadow, now i'm using it as a mirror because it's too big

  4. @Nayabloves.Thanx for understanding pal!!:(<<for ur palettes.
    @ Pandora's box .I totally agree with you on Rimmel's casing.No mirror / puff is only downside.shifting is good idea but that means a lot of product wasted while doing so ,as someof it is stil sticking to original case.Using them is taking much of efforts.
    @ Zelle yeah that happens too.Im keeping a finished blusher case also cuz it has a compact mirror.

  5. Aww... too bad. I have also had one of my fav blushers shattered by mistake :( But I still use it. :) <3

  6. OMG i also dropped the Stay Matte powder but its still usable thank god!!! i love that powder to death!

  7. @Sara,As I said we drop things we use/love most.thus we cant really throw them away easily, can we?..:P
    @MHL,That makes us SSS(Sorrow Sharing Sisters)XOXO<3

  8. God, so much of heartbreak. I have never received products this badly damaged :/

  9. @shang They werent all received damaged.I am the culprit myself mostly.:P

  10. i broke two maybelline compacts not buying a tthird one noe they are too delicate


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