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Friday, 21 October 2011

A Winter-y Haul :It's High Time

As I had mentioned yesterday I am going to put up an interesting post for you guys.Here it is : about my shopping ventures .

Yesterday I visited Shaheen Cosmetics Blue Area, after a long time, lets say some 5 months.They have shifted from first floor to the ground floor which felt kinda pleasant to me.So I had initially some stuff in my mind for upcoming cold season.Anything I could get my hands ON to help me out the rash winter of  ISBD.As I have also done a post related to skin care products that could suit you this season ,my preference was to get some inspiration from that.
Well I did manage to get the best of what was available there.I was not actually planning to get color cosmetics but still couldn't resist some really needed items.Well they are always termed as "needed"once you get your eyes on them in all I do hope I got everything to last the winter.
Most of the products I got are richly moisturised for skin that is prone to get dry.They have active ingredients that keep skin nourished through out cold season.I'll be using some of them for the first time.Lets see how they come up with.
First of all I got Face washes .That is a big essential for the day.Rather to start a day.I got two of them.One is Cuticura daily facial wash.
Which emphasizes on moisturising skin with Glycerin and Allantoin which is supposedly skin friendly chemical,famed for its soothing,clarifying and  protective nature.(that  didnt know when I bought it ,I googled it afterwards:P)I got this one @Rs.200/-for 200 ml.

The second one is Himalya's Gentle Hydrating face wash.
This too focuses on cleansing and moisturizing skin with Aloe Vera and Cucumber.
I wish it had a bigger tube but they had only the smaller one retailing at Rs.120/- for 50 ml.
Next in line is Dove Supreme Cream Oil Beauty Cream Shower.
Though I always have been using Imperial Lather's Shower creams but they have surprisingly gone short in stock.So I changed to this one.
I has the goodness of Cherry Blossom & Almond,which gives it a very nice scent.As it is claims to be an "oil wash without greasiness",lets see what good it does.It had a price tag of Rs.290/- for 500ml.
More in facial line is St .Ives Moisturising Olive Scrub.
I have used its apricot scrub which proved to be a complete hit .Loved that.But I really wanted something moisturising though it was costing me twice as much the Apricot one does but stil I couldnt just let go of an olive product if I see one that easily.
It is 141 gm for Rs.385/- where as apricot scrum was some Rs.310/-with a tube double in size than this.I hope it do does some good.
After the scrub I also needed to get some facial cleanser,though I always use cleansing milk and lotions from Nivea visage range so I decided to be a little experimental this time thus I wanted something small and not that expensive to start with.The one I got is Hollywood Facial Whitening Cleanser.
I neither have used this brand before nor did I need one with "Whitening" feature.but the sales girl at the shop was pretty consistent to get me this claiming that she too uses this and finds it amazing.
Well @Rs.250 for a big tube it didnt sound that bad.So I am gonna try this and then let you people know how good or otherwise I found it.
Next in range is a facial mask.I mentioned in my winter skin care post that we really can't continue using the same clay and citrus based product that target to reduce oiliness in skin.So I got the Himalya's Almond & Cucumber Peel Off Mask.Which has Almond ,Cucumber as main ingredients with Pineapple and Indian gooseberry which is also known as Amla.

Presence of the two main ingredient with the latter mentioned elements makes the mask  mildly citrus for skin needs in Winter.Have high expectations with this one which cost me Rs.235/-for 75ml.
The Last but not the least is the only moisturizer I have blind faith in.It is Nivea Body Fresh Lotion which I have previously used with name of Fresh Caring Lotion.
It has Grape seed oil and natural minerals.This is like Holy Grail to me.I was on look out for it since last winter when I finished me last bottle as  Nivea introduced a new range which does not have any thing near to this product.I found this 100 ml bottle while passing by a BAKERY..yess..Sometimes you find stuff at most unexpected places.I m so happy i found it.And please ppl if you too see this one at any place just let me know .I'll give an arm & a leg for this.
SEE All skin Care Products from this post HERE
 And in the end I have got a Foot Mist by Barefoot in Peppermint and Plum Essence.
I already am found of all foot products by Barefoot.And this one is actually cooling that is proper for summer but I just got it after all cos it smells so minty fresh which is at times also useful with socks clad feet .If u know wat I mean..AHUM AHUM!!
Enough with skin care range .Now some of the makeup items I got .
The very first one is which I spotted right when I was about to exit the store.I thank Heavens for that indeed.This one is Maybelline's Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.

OMG!!!I so wanted an eyeliner which is solid yet is waterproof since I have so watery waterline and eyeduct that my other eyeliner by Kryolan just seems to leak away.This one comes in a small pot with an eyeliner brush which I instantly tried.
I'll review results soon enough as soon as I try it for some more times.But I was particularly glad about it as I got it for Rs 950/- with a good brush.
(it actually is retailed at 1000/- but as I had bought so much other stuff , even the bill was made so they gave me some discount).totally glad with it
Then I bought some nail polishes one was is in dark coffee shade by sweet touch which is becoming my fav nail polish brand day by day as I also bought a transparent base coat from same line.both cost me Rs.95/- each.
I also spotted a bright orange shade from Dazz Matazz Nail Express named Wild Orchid.
That is also pretty cool color .This one cost me Rs.200/-Quite okay Price.Loved them both.
Then, I bought A kabuki inspired fluffy blusher brush from a random brand .
This is really soft and is super soft.I actually was eyeing another brush which was even softer than this one by Clarity but that had a longer handle and I needed something smaller.
So if any of you girls wanna get a fluffiest brush that could stand on bottom ,get this or if u want a bigger get Clarity one.The one I got is retailed at Rs.225/- and the bigger one is Rs.250/-
I desperately needed a transparent lipgloss since my other ones have been polluted with color particles from the lipstick that I apply them over.So I got this Lipgloss by some brand named Max Touch.
Good thing is that it isnt heavy ,is quite a lot of quantity and only came in Rs.175/-Quite a catch right?
Then in the end I got a pack of 10 eye shadow applicators.@Rs.95/-
So Friends and fellows.This is all.
All of this cost me Rs.3700/- Which I guess is pretty acceptable as this is a lot of stuff.I hope it  is enough to last me this season.Unless something among these goes wrong and I have to get a replacement.I hope that doesn't happen.
Till next post,
Cheers Cheeky Chic


  1. Huge haul. I really like your olive scrub hope it works for you. Glad to know another fellow blogger form my city. I'm glad you got that eyeliner. Dwatson f6 sold me a fake one. They also keep a lot of fake MAC lipstick at their super market branch which they claim is original so be very careful and read the fine print on the label.

  2. Howdy homwtown gal!!:P.I do have high hopes for scrub.It feels good after one use.Hey how did you know urs was fake?.I have started to have concerns about mine too.:S.Though i have seen this on numerous other sources. u r right about the MAC stuff.Shaheen too had MAC's lipglosses for i guess 390 each.made me doubtful so i didnt get.

  3. Yar check the bottom of the pot. If it says ASTING drama instead of Lasting drama and in teeeny tiny writing made in China then it's probably fake. I hope your's is not though fingers crossed.

  4. I'm from Isbd aswell! I'm soo glad there are other people who blog from here because the prices posted by bloggers from Karachi are never the same as the ones here! Isbd is always a bit more expensive :(

    Could you do a review on the Hollywood cleanser when you've used it for some time? Because this brands line of products is always available in each and every store I go to.

    Nice haul btw :)

  5. Love the orange nail polish!

  6. @pandora's box it says LASTING DRAMA but with "made in china".I dunno wats the deal.:S
    @Nayabloves you r right there were plenty of stuff from "HOLLYWOOD".I'll sure review it shortly.
    Not only the prices from KHI are different but I feel so helpless when i dont know wat place to buy it in ISBD from.

  7. @MHL Yeah that is a cute color..ty

  8. really like the fluffy blusher brush! the hollywood style products are good, i've used its face polish for 4 years, got myself their mudmask recently!
    really nice haul! n i love isb u lucky gurls!

  9. Thanks Rakhshan.I hope it suits me too.someone was telling me it is not very suitable for sensitive skin.Yet seeing is believing..:P

  10. great stuff my sis


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