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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Some Likes and Leaves in winter for FACE

As I have been pretty persistent in many of my last posts about winter’s arrival and autumn being my favorite season.I have brought some  Like it!!s and Leave it!!s for you.

This is actually the first of Skin Series .I will soon switch to Body and Hair routines for winter in next two.But I thought face is something which should be prioritized. .
NOTE:(All images used below are gotten from Google search and are not recommendation.They are  just examples of products available)
A lot of people believe facial skin routine only needs to shift to a cold cream when winter arrives. My experience is that  it needs lot more than that: more cleansing, moisturizing and care is necessary as we apply a lot more product than we do in summer. Many different lotions,creams,moisturizer are mostly used  to keep skin supple. And they most definitely leave a strong residue in skin pores that is bound to clog them.So it surely needs cleansing ,the only difference is that the products used for cleansing purposes should be changed according to season. So these are are something You should never forget to do.
Leave it!!
Stop using oil controlling or oil reducing soaps or face washes.They are going to take away necessary oils and make skin more dry
Like it !!
Add a mild facial soap to your collection having Glycerin,Cream or  some essential skin oil.which should work on balancing skin’s essential oils as well as removing extra baggage.

Like it !!
Use cleaning milk or cleansing lotion more often than you use to in summer.If skin feels dry and dirty at the same time ,cleaning it with cleansing milk/lotion instead of soap works wonder.
Leave it!!
Drop Creams that promise to keep you moisturized and sticky. They often clog pores and cause blackheads.
Like it!!
Try getting a good facial moisturizer(lotion) instead of a cream.The one which is light and refreshing without giving you a shiny face.and if they are sunscreen it is like cherry on top
 Like it!!
Apply night creams only and wash face thoroughly in the morning so nothing practically is left behind to stay in pores

Leave it !!
Limit using scrubs unless you have applied a very heavy coat of makeup.Scrubs are bound to reduce the amount of skin moisture which your skin needs in winter.
Like it!!
Try steaming your face, if you really need to cleanse your skin more than daily practice .Steaming is something which will try to take out impurities without making it rough and dry.Just pour a spoonful of moisturizer in steaming water , throw a towel over head & steam. keep face at least a foot away til beads of sweat appear .Wipe it with towel or cotton pads.
Leave it !!
Clay masks are done and over with. Only use them if you have super oily skin that doesn’t have any effect of cold weather or just use them next summer if they don’t expire meanwhile.This is why I recommend buying small tubes or jars of face masks and scrubs)
Like it!!
Switch to Masks which moisturize your skin like masks having almond oil,jojoba oil or any other essential oil.Massage Masks are also a reinforcement as they help circulating blood.Or it is even better to avail home made masks having honey, yoghurt, egg ,milk cream and glycerin.
So these were some changes in your skin care routine which can bring you glowing and healthy skin throughout winter ..Happy Winter to u all
Cheeky Chic


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