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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Bombshell Shade :Maybelline Watershine Elixir in Vibrant Violet

Hello Sweeties ..I bring you the richest color on lips I have ever come across, from none other than Maybelline Watershine elixir(Lipstick).

Know it!!
Maybelline's Watershine elixir in Vibrant Violet is the best amalgam of pink and purple,something which reminds me the coolest Magenta ever.It comes in fountain pen like case with cap at one end and a twister at other,turning which makes exact amount product you need erupt from tip .The tip is made of plastic having pinholes, in shape of a lipstick.

Use it!!
As much as I am not a big fan of vivid lip shades This one is which makes my heart thump each time I wear it.I usually like those shades which can be worn on daily basis and this one is definitely not one of those and should be used for glamorous look.I wish there'd be a place and time soon enough so i could flaunt this shade with all its glory.
It actually has features of a liquid lipsticks all over.From the case to the product inside which is liquid most of the time unless you put it in fridge or at a cool place.

It is indeed a true elixir for lip shine.The liquid is full of as much shine,shimmer and gloss as it could have.As you can see from the swatch It glimmers and glosses at the same time.Glimmer is not to be mistaken with glitter.It is not glittery at at all which is the particles which stand out of the product.The glimmer I am talking about is more of an infused you don't actually run the risk of having shiny particles stuck all around your mouth.
Its is so glossy that even Camera got blind
As far as the Pigmentation is concerned,I am not actually decisive about it .The only reason one prefers liquid lipstick over a lip gloss is that it is supposed to give you ultimate color even if not the gloss and shine.Well, this one provides latter more than the former.It is quite sheer,so I mostly use it as a lip gloss.Having said that it came to me as a surprise when after keeping it in refrigerator for some time, a solidified form of product came out ,which was not only more pigmented but it also evenly spread over lips and promised to stay there like forever.I am stil unable to understand that phenomenon.but as long as it works for me I am glad.
Maybelline Watershine Elixir in Vibrant Violet

Maybelline Watershine Elixir in Vibrant Violet

The downside which I found with this is the application tip.As I said it is all plastic shaped like lipstick tip,it seems a little imperfect and unnatural at times.It would have been much better if it had a sponge or at least some softer kind of plastic.Plus there seems to be kind of leakage from the pinholes.You can see in images .There are stains on surface where the tip touched.That is kinda untidy.
See the stain @#$%^&
I am also not satisfied with the amount of product it holds.With less pigmentation one certainly needs to either use it as a lipgloss or over any lip pencil/stick.That what I did in these photographs .It is build-able but then thats gonna need three swipes at least.
I had actually got 5 of them in Feburary this year namely Vibrant Violet, Pink Seduction,Coral explosion, Magic Moon(transparent) & Pink vibration.I kept the first two with me and gifted the other three to my Sis(s) in law.
Overall I am happy to get it.Though it mostly stays in my not-so-necessary part of the makeup bag.Yet I relish it being there when I use it even as a lipgloss.
Like it!!
  • It is an absolutely adorable shade.
  • It is super duper shiny and glossy.
  • It is good replacement for a lipgloss.
  • It is from Maybelline..good quality Ofc.
  • It has a sweet scent and taste to it.
  • It can stay long if applied over pencil or lipstick.
  • It is compact and good looking.:P
Leave it!!
  • It is is more sheer than pigmented.
  • It is pricey for the amount of product it offers.
  • It is better to be used as an add-on than alone.
  • It stays shorter than expected
  • Its packaging is unsatisfactory
Quality:****(Maybelline promises good quality,its color and sheen surely are admirable)
Price:***1/2(I got it for Rs.450/- each but nowadays it is costing 750/-& at some places 950/-)
Durability through Time:***1/2(You can make it stay by working a little on it)
Availability:****(I have seen it at most of the shops with Maybelline's makeup range)
Product claims :*****(5 starrer as all they claim is rich color and super shine which it has)
Shades:****(8 shades,not enough but they seem to fulfill most of the needs)
Recommendations:****(If you like vivid color and absolute shine and gloss ..Take it)

Thats all for now.
Cheeky Chic


  1. such a pretty shade..lov it on ur lips

  2. Thanks dear is actually very amazing shade


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