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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Skin Care products: My ratings(Face)

Hey people!!

I have recently in many of my posts shared number of skin care products for winter. I plan to share my experience with you.
I have kept this long because I wanted to use them as much as possible before reviewing them in details. Some of them were my first experiences and some were with me for long time. These are going to be small reviews referring to them all.
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About my skin type:
I am pretty much confused with my skin type. I do have combination skin. My T-zone (Forehead, nose and lip area) is different from rest of the face. I have heard that with combination skin, T-zone is normally oilier than all face, in my case it gets drier in winter than other parts. I have visible flakes on nostrils and tightness on forehead and around lip area.  Thus my treatment with the whole face cannot be same. At times I just moisturize these areas or only wash the part other than T-zone. So it is quite complicated with me.
Facial Products:
1. Daily routine:
First in line are face washes which are basic to every skin care range.
I have been using two of them since almost a month now.
Cuticura Daily Facial Wash for Dry Skin:
 Know it!!
This is a big upside down tube with transparent liquid inside.
I didn't like the screw cap as it takes some moments off the clock to open it each time. The flipping cap is handier.
The product smells quite normal without any empowering essence.
 It consists of glycerin and allantoin which is a skin friendly chemical with soothing, clarifying and protective abilities. This facial wash promises to make skin as moisturizing as needed and cleanse it
Use it!!
Well, the first time I used it I was a little disheartened as it did dry my skin and I needed to use a moisturizer afterwards. After some more washes I realized  that I do not have to use it like a cleanser/ next time I just applied it over my face, didn’t make a lot of lather, neither  rubbed hard nor needed a lot of water to rinse it off. Result: the infused glycerin layered my face that gave me smooth supple skin. As I hadn’t scrubbed much there was no need to use a lot of water which earlier was taking the essential glycerin off my face.
All in all I got fresh, soft skin after every wash.
 I rate this product: ****
Himalaya Gentle Hydrating Face wash:

Know it!! :
 This facial wash came in a small upside down tube with a flip cap that makes it easier to use.
Product is White cream like stuff with a strong scent of talcum powder (Somehow it reminds me of Yardley Perfumed Powder)
It claims to give cleansed and moisturized with aloe Vera and cucumber extracts.
Use it!!
 I also had done the same mistake of rubbing and rinsing it with a lot of water. Once I corrected that it gave me good results.
I can say that it is a gentle face wash. I didn’t really find any hydrating qualities in it yet it proved to be as good as needed plus the fragrance.
I rate this: ****
Jergens Skin Smoothing Cellular Renewal Moisturizer:

Know it!!
It comes in a pump top bottle, product infused with “Micro beads” that dissolve on massaging on skin.
It gives out a fruity fragrance which is quite powerful and refreshing. That sometimes resembles that of jasmine flowers.
 Active ingredients are Pineapple, Lemon and Grapefruit which all are natural fruit acids that are good to nourish skin. It also has jojoba oil beads that are used as mild exfoliators.

Use it!!
This is also one of those products which I used for the first time. I had used Jergens moisturizer a long time ago with different purpose.
I actually needed a facial moisturizer but this one just claimed to be a moisturizer. That was a shot in dark but I was glad I made the choice.
The moisturizer targets exfoliating and renewing skin cells with active moisturisation and hydration.
Every word of the last sentence was what I needed out of a moisturizer so I did get
First application on face stung a little and I had almost decided it was a wrong choice. The very next time I used it I just could not believe the moisturisation it gave me all day. My skin was evidently smooth and soft. As mentioned already my nose and forehead remain flaky most of the winter unless I apply some moisturizer every other hour. With this product I did not need any occasional touch ups at all. It made skin feel nourished and supple that was even felt from inside.
I was completely awed by this product and have been using it on face and hands ever since. My hands show same amazing results with very healthy feeling.
It gives out a Sunburn Alert .it may increase sensitivity to sunrays and should be used with limited sun exposure or with another sunscreen for those who have sensitive skin
I rate this product: *****
2. Weekly/10 day routine:
St Ives Fresh Skin Moisturizing Olive Scrub:
Know it!!
It comes in a somewhat elongated upside down tube than apricot scrub with flip cap.
Enriched with olive extracts to provide necessary oils to skin, it really sounds like a good product.
Coming from St. Ives the quality is undeniably top notch.
Product is a lime green color filled with beady particles. I could actually feel the oily texture when I quenched out the scrub.
Use it!!
I was about to add to it my daily skin care routine. As much as it seems to give skin suppleness and smoothness after all it is a scrub. It does cleanse skin and exfoliates it better than any other scrub but it must not be used daily. After third day of using it daily I realized my skin was not giving out that creamy feel that was issuing out the first day I used it. It was then I decided to use it in my 10 day skin routine. It proved to be a marvelous thing that had happened to my skin in winter. I used it along with other products, after my usual moisturizing and cleansing steps and applied mask afterwards. My skin felt so flourished that I was actually resisting not touching it every other minute for next 2 days.
I am very satisfied with this product.
I rate it: ****1/2

Hollywood Facial Whitening Cleanser:
Know it!!
It comes in an ordinary flip cap upside down tube with claims to make skin whiter with milk as active ingredient.
The product is of translucent milky color with somewhat medicated fragrance to it which each time I use reminds me of a cleaning process or a spa treatment.
Know it!!
This is a cleanser which is not actually what I expected it to be in a good way. As name suggests it tries to focus on whitening skin which is not what I demanded out of it. Though I needed a cleanser which would not need water to rinse off yet I took this because it was recommended highly.
Its goodness revealed upon me the very first time I used it. Not only my skin was looking cleansed but it also felt the same way. The texture was pretty pigmented which spread all over the skin. I really don’t like those cleansers which absorb in skin very soon and we have to damp hand after every minute to massage well. This one actually seemed to increase in amount instead of decreasing. This may sound silly. But instead of absorbing in skin it was staying up and doing wonders.
With its milky color I can actually believe that it may even lighten /whiten skin to some extent or at least being a good cleanser it would reduce pigmentation and impurities and finally give clearer skin.
I am really glad I got such a nice product with so less money spent.
I rate it: *****

Himalaya Herbal Almond Cucumber Peel Off Face Mask:
Know it!!
It is again a product I meant to make part of my winter skin care routine.
It has a greenish colored product in a flip cap upside down tube.

Active ingredients as name suggests are cucumber and almond (Source of vitamin E) both of which moisturize and nourish skin. Along with pineapple and Indian gooseberry (Amla) which are natural cleansing agents.
Use it!!
I do not feel to use same skin masks as used in summer. This one seemed pretty effective coming from Himalaya Herbals which do give quite good range of skin care products.
It gives a smooth skin without flaking or drying it as much as peel off masks do.
One downside to it is its quantity. One actually needs to apply quite a lot than other peel off masks. It is relatively difficult to spread evenly on face as the texture is a little heavy.
That being said my experience has been quite satisfactory with it, as it tries to maintain the moisture within skin. Yet I do not recommend a peel off mask with prior steps done to skin. Applied alone it might make skin a little out of order as peel off masks usually focus on taking off skin impurities by peeling them off it.
It also must not stay very long on skin or else it will be very hard to take it off.
I Rate it: ***1/2
Contd to Body Products


  1. Thank you for the detailed post :) Very informative.

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    Very informative post, thank you.

  3. Im glad it helped you. Hollywood one was kinda meant for you

  4. loved reading this post. thnks for all the informative reviews.


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