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Saturday, 5 November 2011

A mini haul ..some stock Ups.

Hey guys.
 I bring to you a shopping experience that happened only because I didn't want to run to a store at 11th hour.Here it is

First of all is the hype of the color town The Color Studio  Professional nail color in Mojito.

I finally managed to get my hands on them.I had not seen them a month ago at the store (Shaheen Cosmetics RWP) I visit for cosmetics but this time these were batting their colorful eyes at me, attracting my attention .So I did get one .I really needed a green color and this one was absolutely amazing.I was tempted by another Powder bluish shade too but  I wanted to try first before buying a lot of them.Dazz matazz Nail express was also offering almost same shade but I liked the hint of yellow tone in this one.Though it was expensive than Dazz matazz with margin of Rs.50/- I got it for Rs.250/-
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I got one more nail color Golden Rose Paris Range.This was quite surprising as I was not expecting such vibrant yellow color from Golden rose so I couldn't miss it for Rs.165/-..BINGO!!!

Next in line is the moisturiser I needed so badly and have been muttering about in many other posts so I got Jergens Skin Smoothing Cellular Renewal moisturiser.It was not mentioned to be used  for face anywhere but the the sales boy was pretty consistent that it can be used for facial use.
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It stung the first time I applied on face and I was about to get disappointed in it but it gave me such lush skin next time I was pretty convinced I got the right thing.It is infused with Lemon,Pineapple and Grapefruit extracts with jojoba oil beads.My mom said it will flourish my skin tone too was all these ingredients are natural bleaching/cleansing agents.I sincerely thank Madame Hot Lips 's this post to help me choose this.I really wish I could find the C&C 's daily facial lotion but couldn't find it anywhere.Jergens lotion was also exactly not what she had suggested but it gave me a head start.(I actually forgot at the store what she had mentioned and kept mumbling to myself while the sales boy offered me choices)I got this for Rs.420/-
Then,I got an eyeliner pencil that could also be used on waterline as Kohl pencil.That is Diana of London Super Long Wear eyeliner pencil in Blackest Black .The sales man vowed it is as good as Waterproof pencil.So far so good.It does look like a good replacement of DMGM professional Kohl pencil ,that I am about to finish sooner.That was retailed on Rs.395/-
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And last but not the least is my favorite Body spray whose last can I am about to drain empty in matter of days.I didn't find Royal Mirage in NIGHT that I usually go for but this one also scented as good.I cost me Rs.180/-
so that is all.
I'll sure review some of these soon.
any requests??
See ya
Cheeky chic


  1. Great picks! I need a moisturizing lotion too :) Will look out for this one. Thanks for sharing. <3


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