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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

An eyeliner Pencil Worthwhile: Diana of London Super Long Wear Eyeliner in 07-Blackest black

 Hey friends!!
I share with you my thoughts on a recent addition to my Eye Make up Products.

Know it!!
It is medium length eyeliner pencil in 07-blackest black shade. Instead of wood, the lead of pencil is molded in plastic, with a transparent cap.

 Use it!!
 Diana of London Super Long wear eyeliner is a quite pigmented. I won’t say it is the absolute blackest black in the town but being pigmented makes it pretty near to perfect.
Diana of London Super Long Wear Eyeliner
in 07-Blackest black
The finish is partly creamy, that gets applied in one on the lid and two sweeps across the waterline easily.
The lead is really remarkable as it does not snap at a single stroke. It glides easily and sharpens well so keeps its tip intact for a good time.
As the lead is in soft plastic kinda stuff the risk of hurting the eye is lesser than it would have been with the wood.

 I normally am not a great user of pencil eye liner. I just have been using them in extreme necessity when nothing else is available. Basically the thick lead tip never lets me draw a thin line so I use them when I want to go for a smudgy look
Diana of London Super Long wear eyeliner was recommended to me for its kohl use. I was already going short on my DMGM Professional Kohl eye pencil and needed something which promised to give longer coverage. My eyes remain wet for most of the time and this almost always gives me panda eyes after some minutes of kohl application.

I had never thought of using an eyeliner pencil for waterline. For once they are pretty creamy and are bound to wear off even sooner than usual kohl. The other reason being that some eye pencils that claim to be waterproof leave some saw like stuff when they are smudged or are on eyes for a while. They certainly will fill some shreds in eye. Thus a thing that is going to have direct contact with naked eye should be chosen pretty carefully.

Diana of London Super Long Wear Eyeliner
in 07-Blackest black
What I liked about this pencil is that it did not at all give that residue, when tried on skin and rubbed afterward. Though the salesman had told me that to have best of its effects one has to apply and wait for some time to let it settle. This way it will be more long lasting. I seriously could not stay for an hour or two at the counter just to see how long it stays but I tried it for a minute and it was almost right. It did smudge a little but it was pretty less compared to other pencils. I was really shocked that after washing my hands thrice it still was there; even the smudged part was intact. Thus it proved to be quite a catch for wet waterlines. I slept once after applying it on waterline and Man!! It was even there when I got up and there was no sphere of blackness around my eye.

Swatch On rubbing After 3 minutes
Diana of London Super Long Wear Eyeliner in 07-Blackest black
On Upper & Lower Waterline

There is one thing which I kind of felt irritated with. After applying and during it is on waterline it somewhat gets sticky. Eyelashes stick to each other for a moment when closed hardly. That could be annoying for some.
As an eyeliner pencil I will rate it just fine. Nothing  special. It does is applied smoothly that is quite a plus
Otherwise I simply loved it as kohl overall and am glad to make the purchase.
Like it!!
It is quite pigmented
It is applied easily.
Its tip stays good and does not break
It is a good black shade.
It is perfect as kohl.
Leave it!!
It is an okay pencil as eyeliner
It gets sticky on waterline.

Quality: ****(Good pigmentation, color and smoothness)
Price: **** (RS. 395/$3.50 An affordable price )
Durability Through Time: ****(Good as Kohl, Okay as eyeliner)
Product claims: It is SOFT, SMOOTH, WATERPROOF and LONG WEARING for Kohl purposes but not as much as eyeliner)
Availability: **** ( At drug stores and cosmetics shop have Diana of London cosmetics line)
Shades  :*** (Only 3 Black 07, Blue 08, Grey 09)
Recommendation: Need a perfect Kohl pencil .Hit it!!
That was All from me.
See ya next time.
Cheeky Chic


  1. no smudges or breaks + looks great on you!!thanks for sharing hun! x

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog :) I am now your newest follower xo

  3. Perfect post, Thank you for sharing this. You know, I always have trouble with eyeliners. The liquid ones are too much for me for an everyday use, and pencils tend to wear off fast. Will try this one :)
    Good luck!

  4. LOVE your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine :) I am your newest follower!!!! YAY!


  5. I love pencil liners that dont leave a sphere of smudgy-ness gahh i tend to stay away from pencil liners because they smudge so easy!
    Thanks for your comment :)
    following ya back

  6. @ Sara ,Rakhsan & Huma Thanks a bundle for liking.
    @ Skinnymoonstick & Candypop . try using a gel or solid eye liner.they are much better than pencil/liquid eye liners
    @ Lindsey & Dora Thanks for joining & u r welcome

  7. This looks amazing!! I love liners that don't smudge. Always a good thing!!

  8. Hey thank you so much for recognising my blog! I currently have two blogs and if you want to see more of my nail designs I post them all up on my personal blog:
    thank you again and i am following your blog!

  9. Hey again :L yeah a few peolpe have been having trouble finding how to follow I made a post a while back that should explain everything ;D
    if you follow the link above that should tell you how to follow

  10. Thanks for the review! I am always lost when it comes to picking the right make up.

  11. wow, looks very good on you! thanks for sharing! i am actually looking for something like that :)


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