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Friday, 4 November 2011

The Orange Fingertips:Dazz Matazz Nail Express in Wild Orchid

 Hey Friends.Let me share with you my thought on a one of my favorite fruity color.
My take on shades is that they are always inspired by nature.And they should be.I mean how much colors, hues and Shades do we look around that are portrayed in more than one art forms esp in makeup.I am personally totally crazy about all the bright,sharp and funky colors that just are ready to pop out any time.Orange is absolutely one of those which can attract me from even a mile.So as soon as I saw Dazz Matazz's Wild Orchid shade I just couldn't resist getting one one my finger nails.
Know it!!
Wild orchid comes in a very cute round nail polish bottle.It is a vibrant orange color which just kicks out my sight senses and makes me feel full of life each time I sneak a peek on it.
The nail polish on drying gives a sparkling surface.You do need to use a top coat to increase shine as it is glossy enough.
Use it!!
I was not a great user of nail colors as for a long time I didn't even consider nail color as a part of my makeup regime.But since some time I am becoming a fanatic about them
Well, Wild orchid as I told is pretty vibrant.It is quite applicable.That is to say that It has a good consistency that is neither very thick nor runny.It does not try to flow out of nail or create smudgy layers either
I have also used it for one of my nail look.

Click this image to view the nail look
The brush and its holder are definitely easy to use.The wand is of proper length.Brush is pretty smooth.I was very glad to see that it was a long brush that means that even one swipe is going to give me enough product  on nail to fully fill it.
Now, the pigmentation is honestly not as much rich as I had thought.Seeing the color from outside givers you a very rich color illusion.On using it it is a little less orangey  on first swipe.Though the color can be built up towards brighter neon shade.but it does disappoint you a little at first.
Another drawback which I notice in most of the nail colors is that they leave color marks after they are removed off.So happened with this nail polish .I was certainly left behind with stains on may nail , tinted orange shade which is exactly what keeps me away from nail colors.The worst thing is that as my nails are growing ,there seems to be an inverted curve of tinted area going upwards which gives me a very freakish look.After this observation I have seriously decided not to apply it without a  base coat in future.
Otherwise I used a top coat over it which though it didn't need but it added a lot of sparkle which i love in nail colors.
It did not chip at all for a week which I don't exactly know is a credit for top coat or the nail color.
I stil like this shade because all in all it gives a warm shade which boosts me somehow.
Like it!!

it is a gorgeous shade.
The quantity is more than normal nail colors.
It gives smooth application
It dries quickly.
It stays for a good time.
It has very nice sparkle to it.
Its applicator brush is of good quality.
Leave it!!
It needs more swipes to create color.
It may stain nails if applied without base coat.
Quality:****(Good color,consistency and sparkle)
Price:***1/2(Rs.200 for 12 ml)
Product claims:****1/2(Is glossy,shiny,Long lasting and gives smooth color)
Durability through time:****1/2(stays for a week easily)
Availability:***1/2(At big cosmetics and drug stores)
Recommendations:Rock it but use a base coat.

so that was all to it.

I am sorry on posting some low quality images.My regular camera is going through a rough patch so I am using cameraphone.That us the best it can give at 5MP.
Cheeky Chic


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