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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Concealing Couple:e.l.f AO Cover Stick & Clarifying Pressed Powder

The best duo I have yet come across,that is affordable yet effective.e.l.f All Over Cover Stick in Honey and Clarifying Pressed Powder in Apricot Beige
Concealing  or Camouflaging is of 101 importance when it comes to perfect face finish.There are more than one reasons to use a concealing aid,because of a break out,uneven skin tone,Side Burns even for Freckles.Selecting a concealer is a matter of a great selection and choice.It is not only a case of shade options,but also Texture ,Pigmentation and even Price does has to be considered.But generally the shade selection is the the head start.As the skin tone differs, the kind of pigmentation that creates flaws also differs.That was a strange surprise to me when I found out that there are also Concealers in Lavender ,Orange and Green colors.Well I had heard and used the yellow based products but not these three shades.Almost a year ago I saw this color wheel to select a proper shade contrasting your skin pigmentation color.

Selecting a color which opposes the pigmentation color in your skin will neutralise the increased coloration of skin and make it even.That was really helpful.As i came to know that my dark circles' shade lurked somewhere between violet and blue.that is blue-violet.So I had to get a something which is yellow-orange.There were a random no. of brands and products available but I didn't find anything having an orange tint to it.Yellowish ones were also a problem as they leaned more towards Ivory than yellow.Getting a shade through on line search is such a bad idea.
By chance some three months ago one of my cousins brought me e.l.f all over cover stick in Honey from U.k along with some other goodies.My first reaction was WOW e.l.f :My love for e.l.f is no hidden secret.Then I came to know that I no way can apply it ALL OVER my face as it suggests because it is way darker than my skin tone.
  e.l.f All over Cover Stick in Honey
e.l.f All over Cover Stick in Honey
Swatch In shadow
Well, so it stayed in my pouch for some more three weeks,til I accidentally decided to try it as my usual concealer was beyond reach.(I use becute Foundation and concealer stick in PS-7.I used it Here and Here).I covered it with another e.l.f product,Clarifying Pressed Powder in Apricot beige.
  e.l.f Clarifying Pressed Powder in Apricot beige  
I was just Wow-ed.As much as I thought these two were a bad selection.I just couldn't believe my eyes that they so smoothly filled in the lines and hid the under eye circle.
Before:Without Concealing
After:Applying AOCS in Honey
After:applying Pressed Powder in Apricot  beige
The stick was not greasy at all.It was easily built able.I could apply as much as I want to .It wont cake or leave extra deposit when I applied the Powder over.I was almost doubtful that it won't stay for long and I would ultimately throw them again to the left out stock.But surprise AGAIN...they stayed put for good time.It was utterly unbelievable that something was just so accessible and I was searching here and there in vain.
Now, the e.l.f All over cover stick in Honey is dark Orangey shade which might be suitable for tones that are a little darker than olive.
e.l.f All over Cover Stick in Honey
As it  has orange in it It would need some yellow based or dark ivory shade and a dusky one too, if I want to use it all over my face.Combination of these three might do some good.As orange will minimize the pigmentation,Yellow will highlight and a dusky shade will just add some natural tone to it.I haven't tried this yet but this is one of my experimental idea.
The Pressed Powder in Apricot Beige is dark too but that is yellow dark.
e.l.f Clarifying Pressed Powder in APricot beige Swatch
I wondered if that is dark what "Honey" would look like.It is absolutely matte and I am planning to use it  to set my becute concealer as well because that sometimes gets little whitish.yellowish orange shade will balance it.
So that was all.I recommend it for those who really need a good concealer for start.They do have to keep in mind that one has to try shades  and experiment with them .As sometimes my Pressed powder in Rosy Beige which I have recently owned also does good with e.l.f Honey AO cover stick.It is all about what your skin is feeling.Plus I would recommend using another lesser matte powder  than elf clarifying pressed powder, for setting the concealer in winter or if your skin is dry.
I'll post some reviews about other e.l.f products soon enough.
Till then
Cheeky Chic


  1. The powder seems really chalky but glad you found a solution! I'm still searching lol

  2. It is chalky right!1 cant imagine using it on bare skin.but a proper shade plus it takes away the little oiliness of the stick when applied minimally

  3. thank you very much :) it's really hard to find concealers to cover those blue-to-purple dark circle. i try to use your advices here :)

    follow again


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