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Monday, 31 October 2011

Get "intruige"-d.Smash Box Cheek Color And Brush

Hey guys! this is going to be a long awaited Blusher review that actually was the part of my last month's foreign haul. Well, this is Smash box cheek color and brush.

Sorry Pandora's box for such a late review post.I wanted to try it as much as possible before giving out my view
Know it!!
As the name suggests it is From smash box is named  “intrigue”. I was searching for more shades available in this line and came to know that it actually is part of the Fall 2010 Masquerade collection by smash box .
On investigating further I came to know that it is now on a final call with reduced price that is exclusively offered to site members.
The blusher comes in a lipstick like twisting stick which has a brush at its rear end to blend it, with caps at both ends.

At first it gives more like a foundation stick’s look. I loved the packaging, Which is a bright blue color and gives an extremely elegant impression. 

Moreover it is pretty compact and safe to carry in bag without worrying about leakage or flowing out.
Use it!!
As mentioned it is in cream form which is supposed to be applied and then blended afterwards by the attached brush.
The shade “Intrigue” is extremely gorgeous and is a combo of nicest pink with undertones of peach.
The consistency of blusher is not heavy at all .It does not at all stick to skin and is easily built- and blend-able which are my biggest concerns while buying a cream blusher.
Another thing which attracted me was that the product though is cream based but is not at all shiny like some other mousses and cream blushers I have come across. It rather gives you a nourished matt-ish  finish without being sticky ,heavy or gross-ily shiny.
My experience is preferably not to apply this blusher on bare skin. Being creamy it tends to absorb in skin instantly on blending. Which might give you the thought” where did the blusher go” as all you are left with is a very light under the skin pinkness.
Blended with brush

Now many of you like that but that and the product regards it as a quality of being “just blushed look” &” Perfect innocence disguise” .Quite agreeable but is not okay if you had applied ample amount and it all got in to your pores in matter of minutes. My guess is this is because it its light texture which has plus and negatives of its own.
On same note you also feel that it requires more amount to give sufficient color to cheeks than you had expected. Again what product claims already.
To solve these issues I suggest not to take advantage of attached brush. Though the brush quite good, is full of bristles and does blends pretty well. This actually is the main problem. NO MORE BLENDING. What should be done is ,that the blusher should be either applied on already base/foundation done over skin or it should not be blended with the brush, as the brush will blend it in skin more than is necessary. It is better to apply it and then soften it with fingertips without blending it too much. This way it will stay longer, will consume less product and gives good shade.
After softening dotted Product with fingertips

I am actually satisfied with its lasting quality and the fact that it is a perfect blusher for winter season when applying a powder blush is like adding fuel to fire. It is  creamy enough to gives supple skin with no break outs.
I think it is a little expensive if it needs more strokes to built color.
Like it!!
  • It is an amazingly beautiful shade.
  • Its creamy nature makes it easy to apply.
  • It requires less effort to blend.
  • It holds quite enough products.
  • It does not give oily shine.
  • It has very beautiful packaging and is compact.
  • It comes with a built in brush.
  • It lasts for enough time if applied appropriately.
Leave it!!
  • It may try to get in skin pores if blended too much.
  • It might need a base/foundation to stay longer.
  • It might be expensive for some.
Quality: **** (It actually is good quality blusher overall, easily applied, safe packing, good shade)
Price: ***1/2(Previously $30 ,now $21.75 on sale. A lil pricey for a blusher. With daily use will be done in a month)
Product Claims: ***** (a 'just blushed' look & perfect innocent disguise’ with vitamin E .I agree to most)
Product availability :***(Part of a collection.available @ website but sold out @ most places.)
Shades :**(just this one)
Durability Through Time: ***1/2(can be if done appropriately)
Recommendations: Needs work done on it but is an awesome blusher catch.
So pretties that is all.See you another time with another post.
Till then
Cheeky chic


  1. the color is really pretty! nice review:) but extremely sheer n tooo pricey :/

  2. I agree.Well they say being sheer is its Plus point.:-O Wat can One say..:-/


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