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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Skin Care products: My ratings(Body)

Contd.from Skin Care Products :My ratings(Face)(Since original post was quite pic heavy I decided to make it two)
Body Products:
Nivea body fresh lotion:

 Know it!!
This is one product I wish were not discontinued. It comes in a flip cap bottle.
The product is pure white color and is extremely light in texture
With grape seed oil as main ingredient it closely smells like Nivea classic crème.

Use it!!
I fell in love with this product the first time I used and have been keeping it at my side since then.
Good thing about Nivea fresh is lotion is that it is no at all heavy and absorbs in skin quickly.  It light but not runny. Unlike other body lotions its effect does not wears off soon. Rather it keeps itself in skin for a long time that can be felt each time you touch skin. Skin is supple and smooth without being oily and sticky. Dray patches do not return to skin for a long time.
I usually use it on hands and arms but I have felt it equally good for face.
I Rate it: ****1/2 (taken of half a star for its non-availability)

Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion:
Know it!!
It comes in a straight flip cap beige color bottle.
Product is also a light beige color and is pretty runny with a strong scent to it.
I used it pretty roughly once I lost faith in it
I was quite excited by the name total moisture and of course the fragrance was also very promising.
Use it!!
On using it I felt it was pretty runny. I like light lotions but when they absorb and stay effective for long time. This one did absorb instantly but left a greasy layer behind. Moreover it also does not keep skin smooth for long time either. That is why I only use it when I have nothing else available or for now I am just finishing the bottle ASAP to clear up space.
All in all it is a normal lotion with nothing related to total moisturizing as claimed.
I Rate It: ***

Palmolive Thermal Spa Hydrating Shower Gel:
Know it!!
It a pretty cute bottle with flip cap.
The bubble infused sea green colored shower gel really attracts one.
The fragrance is also quite refreshing and soothing.
Use it!!
I have told many times earlier that I have always used Imperial Lather body washes and creams. This was first time with Palmolive.  The gel itself is quite rich and cleanses pretty well.  I recommend it mostly for summer as though it says “hydrating” but I have not found this factor at all.  It does not make as much foam and finishes of quite quickly. I always look forward to strong scents in body washes, it did have one but that doesn’t stay much.
I won’t like to repurchase it.
I Rate it: **1/2

Dove Supreme Crème Oil Beauty Cream Shower:

 Use it!!
It is a quite large pink flip cap bottle.
The product is colored very cool pink and looks quite creamy.
Active ingredients are Cherry Blossom and Almond oil. I normally do not like cherry fragrance but this was cherry blossom and with almond it gave a mild perfumed fragrance.
Dream come true Claims
The product claims everything one wants out of a body product and it seems a dream come true
Basically it offers to give wash with suppleness and without greasiness at the same time.
I have not actually used it for a lot many times but I can say that it cleanses well without making skin dry. Skin actually can stay well even if no other thing is applied after using this wash. I would really have loved if it gave a little more fragrance afterwards and made a little more lather but being an oil/cream based it could not give more foam.
I am quite satisfied with it.
I Rate it: ***1/2
so that was all for today
See ya again
Cheeky Chic


  1. Great reviews. You have made it easy for us by putting them all together in one place. I habe only tried the Vaseline unscented one which is alright. As you stated nothing special.

  2. Nivea lotions have always been to think for my liking although I love their Happy Time one! It smells amaaaazing! And if you want to try some moisturizing body washes then try anything by Dove, they've never failed me :)

    Great post :)

  3. @ Pandora's box.I thought instead of doing one post on each of them y not put them together.It'll be easy to compare.agree on Vaselin
    @ Nayabloves Nivea has been awesome 4 generations.I took dove wash for same reason


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