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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sizzling With Updates..WHOOOHOOO

So people I m actually bursting with good news(S).

The first one being that I ve actually gained 50 followers.Yay!!! ! wish I could do cartwheels...but dude I am totally jumping on the couch.(TOM CRUISE STYLE).I wish I could send you the ecstatic scream that issued my mouth to see the figure 50 blazing on my screen..It was not actually a surprise but it was more of a waiting process as I was still 48 by noon and I wondered if I would  hit 50 today? ..and BINGO!!the lucky 50th follower is Sarah from Indonesia.Congrats on being my XOXO girl.But wait wait !!Since I am also following my blog ..LOLz (it was actually a test following which kept making faces at me for days with figure(1)..So have I or have I not reached the 50 followers threshold ..hmmm.Lets dont be a buzzkill & say computer is always right..:D

*after an hour :okay i got 52 now.. so officially ..yuppie yup
So The Second good news is that I will be done with 50 posts right after one more post other then this right??See how hard working I am..
3rd one is that I just  have finished my "50 days" of blogging the day before yesterday.So though I was not actually running on deadlines but it sounds good.
With all this lot of 50s the forth good news is that I m actually going to another giveaway so soon.Wassay??I have already been collecting some stuff and lets say it'll be ON earlier next month.Lets see wat figure I manage to round at that time.
That being said ,There are only 4 days left to enter my this giveaway(do tell me if You have any requests to increase the last date since it just remained up for less than a month) Same no. of days are left to my 3rd  Wedding Anniversary(BLUSHES).I haven't planned anything great but I will certainly bake a cake.Which reminds me of yet another news . On the day in discussion I am  going to start another blog..YES I AM .. about everyday stuff, specially my ventures in Cooking ,Eating,Drinking, Baking  & Household material. I have  readied it with title name"Sugar Spice & Everything Nice"Total Cliche.Im going to kick-start it with the post of my anniversary cake.yum..!!
So that was all for now.
P.S.I'm going to do an interesting post tomorrow.
Till then
Cheeky Chic


  1. Congrats on reaching 50 followers and congrats for your 3rd wedding anniversary! :D

    Can't wait to read your other blog. :) x

  2. congrats dear...happy for you...i wish u get more n more

  3. congrats on hitting 50!! another blog? woww ! way to go hun! xx

  4. Wow! You have touched so many milestones. Congratulations :) Just imagining you jumping on the couch Tom Cruise style lol. Would love to read your new blog.

  5. @Faiza
    thanx a million dear..means a lot to me
    @Pandora's box
    thanks for backing me up lovelies:-* <3

  6. congrats on everything! hitting the 50 followers and having written 50 blog posts! and on the wedding anniversary! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!


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