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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Base the Face:Diana of London Matifying Gel Makeup base Review

Hi everyone (anyone) !!
Im posting this first review of mine on Diana of London Matifying Gel Makeup base.That is because basing a face for makeup is not only required but is helpful in applying products
.. i have had with many bases n foundations .. but unfortunately very less number of them actually matched my skin tone .. or at times one would match perfectly ,but the very next day it wont .. .trouble with all such products was not the brand or the line but they didnt suit  coz they all were TINTED. Importance of Tint isnt  denied ;it helps evening out the skin tone . but those of you who want to even out their SKIN ,Diana of London Matifying Gel Makeup base is here ...that is my super necessary product so far... 
Product Details:Now the first thing you notice, after opening it, is that it is CLEAR...No color /tint added whatsoever .This reinforces one action altogether, creating an invisible shield on skin.Once that  is created other product can be applied over evenly and smoothly.
Many of us complain that facial product do not show same shade when applied or change their color after some time.Well, this gel fights that problem to most of the extent.Not only it keep the skin cells away from the product thus saving the color from changing it also doesn't mixes with product as it is clear so the color maintains.

Directions:All one needs to do is take two droplets and spread them evenly on face, specially those areas where You want to apply some other product afterwards.You will immediately feel a fine film over skin .. absolutely transparent.Now skin is ready to be dealt with ..

Afterwards : If you want to apply a concealer , a compact/pressed powder or Eye base,it is going to stay intact.I observed even distribution of color even when i apply blusher or eye shadow right after the gel .The color stayed vivid and longer .
(These are swatches of NYC Sparkle eye dust in 14 carat rose.Both swatches are applied in same quantity.but top one has the gel beneath and the bottom one hasnt.Difference is evident.Top one is more vivid and evenly distributed)

"Matifying  Effect": This is one factor which i do not completely agree. Perhaps because my skin is too oily ,but it claims to be suitable for all skin types ,so that shouldnt be a problem .Yet that is .Gel doesnt actually matifies that much.there is, at times a little shine on skin if applied alone.

Scaling And Rating:
overall the product is more than satisfactory,
QUALITY.**** 1/2 
PRICE:****(a little expensive as compared to the quantity but is used very scarcely )
AVAILABILITY: *** (At good drugstore but not everywhere)
DURABILITY THROUGH TIME: ****1/2 (It stays on skin for a good time)
SHADES:Only one >>Transparent.
PRODUCT CLAIMS:****(Except the glitch with matifying effect it is totally what it claims to be )
RECOMMENDATIONS:****1/2(totally a must -have)

 So that was all about it ..i love the product and what it offers .It is small in size so can practically be carried everywhere, not that u need to have touch ups but it sits comfortably in travel kits or To work Bags....A sure must have ...


  1. nice review... what is the price????

  2. well, I dont remember cost me some Rs.800-1000 almost 7 months back.I am using it for that long but it stil is not half empty.

  3. i have extremely oily acne prone skin, what do u think it will be suitable for my skin or i will break me out any sugessions ?

  4. It will be fine with you.It is not actually an oily just gives a sheen but doesnt make skin any oilier.a biggest plus is it wont let the base/foundation you are applying afterward, get in your pores

  5. Very good i was planning to get this:)
    ur new follower, follow back if u like:)


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