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Monday, 5 September 2011

Im On The Go...

Well, after a long period of planning and and postponing to start a something which is a big helping hand to those who are makeup conscious like me,but wanna buy quality products economically
,who wanna spend but wisely,on right products,and those who are sick of ending up with wrong merchandise only coz you don't know them unless you try them .so my focus is going to be on products which are not only qualitative but are also within price range of average Pakistani lady.Trust me i have had so much of BADs (this is what im gonna name the product which totally offends) that my trash can has more material than my dresser.The Oks are going to be those who are either quality and  price doesn't match .And the GOODs ((u dont need telling what they are) are going to be absolutely a catch .. affordable,amazing and adorable... thats what i am going to bring to you.

I am mainly going to discuss products available in local drugstores and cosmetic shop ,because as far as i have seen there are NUMEROUS Blogs about hauls got from big shopping malls and imported,hard to find products..
Ii will try to make sure i let u know the products before you buy them.We are going to rate on scale of 1-5 based on quality ,price, availibilty,durability through time,shade swatches and recommendations.

so this is my goal...I hope i accomplish it
see you soon with my first review. 
signing off

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