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Monday, 12 March 2012

As essential as ever E.l.fies..Nostalgic & Captivating

 You people had already seen an addition to my e.l.f lippies from last post. They definitely were my first thing to try out and were most convenient to write about..

Know it!!
 Honestly speaking, I had written so much about e.l.f essential lipsticks in my earlier post that I am not able to add anything much to them here.. I strictly stand by what I had last mentioned except for the difference of color. You can refer to my that post for more details so I'll mainly be discussing the shades in this post. In a nut shell, they are as Moisturising, Pigmented, Scented,Smooth,  Easily applied,and  Good for mix n match as any of their last three peers..

Use it!!
I had never stopped loving the elf essential lipstick even when I came across some shades which are normally not in my wish list. Yet I successfully managed to slip them in to my everyday makeup regime.
E.l.f Essential Lipsticks in Nostalgic(LEFT)
 & Captivating (RIGHT)

The two shades I got this time were ofc something I had selected only by going through online swatches and review and get as much disclosure about shades as I could. Now, at $1 I could try them out without any regret later, even if they dont end up being as expected. and as mentioned above I could Mix n match them with other product to come up with desired result.
Both of them were long sought out by my me and much to my resent were OUT OF STOCK by e.l.f Pakistan. So naturally my excitement was on peek to get these both.
E.l.f Essential Lipsticks in  Captivating

Captivating is a Tangerine shade with orange undertones and slightly nudish tone to it too. It is not a B-lazing tangerine, just a subtle one.
Nostalgic happened to be a Pastel Pink Nudish Shade.
E.l.f Essential Lipsticks in Nostalgic

Surprisingly, none of these shades complemented my skin as much as I wanted them to be. Captivating was far too warm toned. I even tried using  it as a color correcter for pigmented areas as I had seen in one of youtube video and ended up having a blister like bump on my face (Arrgh!!).You can easily imagine my desperation to make them useful some how. I considered giving away Nostalgic to a cousin of mine who was more pale than me and I thought it would suit her more because of its very lighter shade.

In this time of doom, I came across  e.l.f lipstick in in Fantasy  from last batch which was also very dark for my choice and I always try to tone that down with a lipgloss. An idea bulb lit over me that All I needed to do with the new two lipsticks was add a bit of brown shade to make them a more Nude. Thats what I did and Voila!! .. It even made me use Fantasy more than usual. What I do now is apply Captivating or Nostalgic and add a bit of Fantasy over.(Whoa .. I am loving how these names have come up together.. Arent you?)Finally, blending it with a lip brush to even out, they come up with such a nice shade that  my heart gets over joyed.
Top: elf Lipstick in Fantasy
Left-Right(E.l.f Liptick Captivating - Captivating
With e.l.f Lipstick  Charming - e.l.f lipstick Nostalgic -
Nostalgic with e.l.f Lipstick Charming)- Indoor
Top: elf Lipstick in Fantasy
Left-Right(E.l.f Liptick Captivating - Captivating
With e.l.f Lipstick  Charming - e.l.f lipstick Nostalgic -
Nostalgic with e.l.f Lipstick Charming)- Outdoor
So the Moral of the story is that even if a lipstick is not as you imagined it to be esp with online shopping or friendly gifts, you can come up with a shade as awesome as you wanted.
As I told you that I still second all my views about these lippies from the first post, you can view that to get better idea on its texture and everything else about the product itself.
Hope you like this post..
Have you ever mix n matched too ..??
See ya Soon
Cheeky Chic


  1. Oh your soo creative! i'd be too lazy too actually do the mixing haha

    1. Oh I love mixing. and how I can come up with more shades than one .. So economical ..:P

  2. These look pretty creamy... Have you tried Revlon lip butters? Would you recommend these over them?

    1. I haven't tried Revlon Lip butters. But Yes these lipsticks are super creamy and moisturising. Just Done- in-a- Swipe product

  3. Love all the colours <3 great blog!


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