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Monday, 12 December 2011

NEW Extravaganza Face Kit [Launch}

Sigma just notified the launch of a NEW 18K Gold Extravaganza Face Kit, which claims that it is "specially designed for Luxury" and  to make one "Feel and Look Glamorous".Golden topped holder and Ivory bristles are certainly a classic touch.As far as I have observed the brushes are full sized and come in a black luxurious case carrying Sigma Logo in Golden.
It is retailed at USD $210 at sigma official Website(Here)
The Kit consists of mainly all required brushes for a face specially for powdered  products. The four brushes included are F90 (Fan Brush), F92 (Blush Brush), F94 (Kabuki), and F95 (Powder Brush).

 We cannot call it a complete face or  cheek kit as it certainly misses out brushes for liquid or cream applications specially for concealer or foundation purposes. Yet it definitely is a complete POWDER kit as every aspect : from powdering to blushing to contouring the face is covered up. 
The brushes details are as following.
Fan - F90 Sculpt and highlight cheeks and face. Natural bristles.
Used for: 
Application of powder products 
Polishing foundation for a flawless finish.     
Blush - F92 Natural bristles. 
Used for 
Application of powder blush.
Shading and highlighting cheeks and face.
Kabuki - F94 Dense and rounded, Natural bristles.
Used For
Blending, bluffing and polishing product on the face and neck.   
Powder - F95 Dense and tapered, Natural bristles.
Used for 
Applying powder products to the face, neck and décolletage. 

Overall seems like a nice product for people on the go.
Cheeky Chic


  1. nice post again. i'll be very helpful if you write post about concealers for dark circles. i really have problems to find perfect one, and how to put on beyond eyes area. thanks


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