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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Makes Me Blush & Flush: Bourjois Paris Blusher in Lilas D`OR

Bourjois Paris Blusher in Lilas D`OR 

Hey Ladies,
Today I am sharing my views on a blush I have recently come across and in no time it became my favorite blusher.
Know it!!
 Bourjois Paris Blusher in Lilas D`OR is a shimmery baked blusher with peach and pink undertones.

Bourjois Paris Blusher in Lilas D`OR 
Bourjois Paris Blusher in Lilas D`OR 
It comes in a compact color matched case with a small mirror in lid and a circular shaped applicator brush which perfectly fits inside the compact.

Bourjois Paris Blusher in Lilas D`OR 
Use it!!
This actually as part of "Make Her Blush" kit that I got last month.It came with a lipstick which I will be reviewing soon. 
Bourjois Paris Make me blush Kit
Though named as Lilas D`OR that means “Golden Lilac”, it is more of a  beautiful blend of warm pink and peach shades with obvious golden shimmer to it. 
 I was in search of a peach blusher and it perfectly fulfilled my needs. It looks amazing on my dusky skin tone without over doing it.
Bourjois Paris Blusher in Lilas D`OR Swatch
 Surprisingly the shimmer is not frosty or glittery that shows out separately but it is kind of infused within. That means that it does not spread or scatter on /after application. I would like to call it a combination of highlighter and a blusher. One certainly does not need to use a separate highlighter with this blusher.
The pigmentation is quite satisfactory. Even it is a baked blusher, it is certainly the kind which swatched easily on my wrist after I dabbed a finger in. Though on dipping my brush in, it seemed as if nothing has got the bristles yet on applying, the color showed up pretty effectively.  I needed just two sweeps across the face to give me a good shade.
It is quite buildable and unlike some other blushers, is blendable too. It does not streak or stick to skin. I achieved a totally flushed look after blending that seems to come from under the skin. It really gave a healthy gorgeous glow.
It is often regarded a dupe to infamous NARS orgasm, I think it is 97% percent similar to that. My observation, from swatches I have seen online, is that NARS seems a little less shimmery than Bourjois.
Bourjois Paris Blusher in Lilas D`OR

Swatch from
 NARS is a little towards golden frosty texture whereas Bourjois has more like a golden shimmery texture. Although both tend to give almost same finish as shimmery nature of Bourjois blends in to skin to quite an extent.
I have tried it on bare and prepped skin and have felt that it gave almost same result. With tinted moisturiser it gave me a very neat, clean and without streaks look that was indeed because skin underneath was even toned plus it blended super easily.  Without tinted moisturiser it took some 5 more seconds to blend and somehow looked a slightly less shimmery which was no lesser adorable.
I totally loved its staying power. It did not darken or fade for as long as 5 hours which I guess is quite an achievement. Moreover, with shimmery blushers one always runs a risk of the glitter spreading all over the face. Even after removing blusher,the shimmer stays there. But as bourjois is more shimmery than glittery, it stayed intact. I was super impressed by this trait. 
Bourjois Paris Blusher in Lilas D`OR - Close up

The brush which came along is not the best quality but is a good effort to include a properly fitting applicator inside such a small case. I totally appreciate inclusion of mirror in lid. Though small but brush and mirror make it a complete compact.
It is very sweetly scented which reminded me of something classic. Later I came to know that it I “Rose Scented”. It liked it this way.
All in all, I was glad that I made a purchase without even seeing or testing a product and it proved to be such an amazing product.
Like it!!
 It is very amazing blend of shades.
It is quite pigmented.
It gives a proper shimmer finish.
It does not need a highlighter along.
It blends very nicely.
It has good staying power.
It is a compact case.
Leave it!!
The brush is not top notch
It is not a very strong/dark shade.
Quality: ****1/2 ( a quality brand, good pigmentation, blendable, nice packaging)
Price: **** (Varies $ 10-22, gives an okay quantity)
Durability through time ****: (Definitely stays well, without fading)
Shades: **** (12 shades in all See here)
Recommendation: A girl’s must have. Only Miss it if you don’t like shimmer.
I hope you like my review.
Cheeky Chic


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